Author: Mollie Quirk

Mollie Quirk is the culture editor of, and currently in her second year of Journalism at the UoB. She is the founder of Mollie has been writing for her own personal blog for almost five years, in which she has built up a large, dedicated following and readership. Mollie has hopes of becoming the editor of British Vogue.                                 

Millennials and vinyl – is digital taking over?

Mollie Quirk spoke to owner of Pebble Records, Michael, about whether millennials are embracing vinyl or addicted to digital music.

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Tattoo representation within the fashion industry

Mollie Quirk speaks to Eastbourne based tattoo artist Amber, and looks at the way in which the fashion and beauty industries represent people with body art.

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Hair does not define us: Alopecia Universalis – Rachael’s story

We aren’t defined by anything, not even our hair. Culture ed chats with her cousin on her battle with alopecia universalis.

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