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Drinking in Lockdown: Trends and Impact

Tweet Drinking habits have changed during lockdown. A survey from Alcohol Change UK has seen trends about the alcohol consumption in Covid-19. More than a quarter of participants have said they were drinking more than usual during lockdown, endangering their physical and mental health. One in five people have admitted […]

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Eurotunnel Restrictions put Foster Dogs at Risk

Tweet Foreign foster dogs rely on UK rescue services to travel from abroad. New Eurotunnel changes have severely limited the number of dogs allowed to cross at a time. Now only a maximum of five dogs can cross, whereas previously it was up to 20. Independent dog rescuers must now […]

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F1 IS BACK, Except It’s Virtual

Formula 1 have announced a brand new programme as a substitute for the postponed F1 races. The new Virtual Grand Prix Series. Tony Robertson gives us the details.

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