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Local Cricket Clubs Under Threat From Coronavirus

With lockdown now starting to ease in England, people have begun to celebrate but for many, it has affected their hobbies and their livelihoods. Cricket has been heavily impacting but at the grassroots level is where it can be shown most with some clubs struggling for finances and with a lack of guidance on when their season can begin, clubs are looking for answers. This video is about how local clubs in Dorset have been affected and what they are now doing to prepare for the start of the season if it begins at all.

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Keir Starmer would not have handled the coronavirus pandemic better then Boris Johnson, according to the British public.

Frankie Elliott analyses the latest YouGov survey regarding the Labour party

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Review: Louis Theroux – Shooting Joe Exotic

George Overhill reviews Louis Theroux’s latest BBC documentary, Louis Theroux – Shooting Joe Exotic.

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Stories of the UK’s community careworkers: how they balance care duties with their work and home lives

Many people living in the UK today juggle everyday occupations with caring responsibilities outside of working hours. OT’s Sudesh Yadav highlights stories of two community members who manage to find time for work, care and their home lives.

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Should Chelsea have sacked Frank Lampard?

George Overhill provides a long read assessment of Chelsea’s sacking of manager, Frank Lampard.

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