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Why Train to Busan is the perfect zombie movie to watch over and over again

Sometimes, all we need is a little bit of comfort from our old film favourites on a cold autumn night. And that is exactly what Overtime contributor Rebecca Cremona gets from re-watching her pick, Train to Busan, time and again – as unexpected as it may be.

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Lockdown Streamtown: things you might have missed this autumn on Netflix and Amazon Prime

To see us through the first week of the UK’s second lockdown, Overtime contributor Sophie C gives us a few streaming gems to see us through a sleepy evening or two.

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New in November: The Crown Returns to Our Screens

Tweet Netflix is a perfect way to unwind. Whether it’s rewatching your favourite show or finding a light-hearted film to distract your mind from a disastrous day, Netflix can provide the blissful escapism we sometimes all desire.  I’m unsure, however, that Netflix truly receives the credit it deserves for broadening […]

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