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VAR: Enhancing precision or diminishing spirit?

Tweet The Evolution of VAR: Enhancing Precision or Diminishing Spirit? Composed by Oscar Pour Sub edited by Will Witts In the realm of sports, change is inevitable. However, when change disrupts the very essence of a game, debates ensue. Video Assistant Referee, commonly known as VAR, has become a central […]

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Postecoglou: the Revolution at Spurs

Tweet The Australian has transformed Spurs both culturally and on the pitch in a surprise strong start No manager in the Premier League had a better start than Ange’s unbeaten Spurs following the first ten games. Whilst since then the lily whites have suffered three straight defeats consequent of an […]

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Are Everton involved in the relegation battle?

Tweet The relegation scrap at the bottom of the English topflight has just loosened up a little, as Everton have just been handed a 10-point deduction.  The favourites for relegation every year are the newly promoted teams and that seemed to be the direction the Premier League was going in […]

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What happened to no.10 position in football?

Tweet From Maradona & Platini to Zidane & Kaká to Özil & David Silva. These players perfectly described position of attacking midfielder(no.10) over the years. Why has it disappeared from world football? What are the main reasons? Let’s take a look what happened to one of the most iconic positions […]

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‘Moneyball’ – Rise in analytical data within recruitment and performance. 

Tweet Subedited by: Callan Neal ‘Moneyball‘. The concept is that studying analytics and data is a more effective approach to constructing a team rather than traditional scouting as it relies on finding undervalued players by looking at metrics others might overlook. There has been a rapid rise of clubs turning […]

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What makes Sean Dyche unique?

Tweet Sub edited by Nathan Woolgar ‘If you have the ball, keep it. The opposition cannot score’ is an idea that Vic Buckingham, an English manager in the 1960s, implemented that more Premier League managers are adopting. One of those managers who isn’t however is Sean Dyche.   Dyche’s constant wants […]

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