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Tattoo representation within the fashion and beauty industries is at its peak. Although at its peak, is there enough of it?

I spoke to Eastbourne based Tattoo Artist Amber Ida Edgley (@amberidatattoo) to see what she thinks about the current representation of tattooed people within the beauty and fashion industries.

Amber has been tattooing for five years and over that time she has seen a rise in the way in which tattoos are becoming more celebrated within the beauty industry. But is the the fashion industry is slightly more strict when it comes to representing people with tattoos?

“I think a lot of the time within catwalks they still want people to look the same as they always have because they don’t want distractions from the clothing they are ultimately trying to sell, and it is down to the designers, but I do think it would be great if they had tattooed models more on the catwalk. I don’t think it makes people think less of tattooed people though, it would just be nice to see more tattooed models on the catwalk.”

I also asked Amber about high street stores and their advertising and marketing campaigns,

“Recently I have seen tattooed people in the advertising campaigns for a few retail stores and I think its brilliant, I’m so glad it’s not such a big deal anymore, it’s refreshing to see. I think it certainly helps with changing people’s judgement on tattooed people.”

Cara Delevingne is a famous fashion model who is known not only for her modelling career, but the tattoos that grace her skin also. In 2014, Glamour Magazine reported that an inside source told The Mirror that Cara had been reprimanded about her ever-growing tattoo collection.

The following was published on Glamour’s online website in 2014:

A source told The Mirror that Cara has been reprimanded about her growing collection of tattoos by model bosses at her agency:

“Cara is without doubt the world’s most tattooed high profile model…It is not ideal for catwalk shows, especially when she’s modelling delicate summerwear, and particularly feminine collections” the model agency insider said.

So could this be why she isn’t as prominent in the modelling world compared to how high-profiled she was in 2014?

The beauty industry undoubtadly represents tattooed people much more when compared to the fashion industry. Amber said that she thinks “that people being in the public eye having been heavily tattooed has helped and has changed the way the beauty industry sees people with tattoos. I think with so many celebrities being tattooed it really has shown the public that being tattooed isn’t something that should be frowned upon but be celebrated.”

What do you think? Do you think tattoos could be represented in the fashion and beauty industries more?

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