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Fashion retailer Boohoo were selling two identical dresses in their February sale, but the dresses had different prices. The difference? Well, one dress was from their plus-size section, and the other from their main section. That’s it. Those are the ONLY differences. Yet due to the sizes being different, there is a £3.50 price rise in the sale.

The Boohoo Polka Dot Smock Dress was available in the ‘mainstream’ sizes (anything size 14 and below), and in the plus sizes too (anything from 16 upwards). The RRP of each of the dresses was identical (£18), but the plus-size sale price had a 35% increase when compared to the ‘mainstream’ size price of £10.

I asked Boohoo about this on Twitter via their help team (@boohoo_cshelp) and this is what they had to say:

“The two items above are two different products. If you take a peak at the product codes just underneath the pictures of the products, you’ll see the codes are actually different which is why there is a difference in price”

I then provided them with screen shots of the dresses to show them that they are identical in looks, and they took my email and told me they would get their marketing department to give me a response.

I am still awaiting a response from their marketing department. As soon as I hear from them, I will be sure to post their response here.

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