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How the media reacted to the approval of the saudi-led consortium takeover?

Tweet Time has passed since the approval of Newcastle United’s takeover by PIF. Of course, Newcastle fans are ecstatic to see the doom and gloom of Mike Ashley’s 14 year tenure come to an end but how did the media react? Was there a mixed reaction or did the media […]

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The Death of The Test

LONG READ: The argument around whether Test match cricket is dying in England has continued to cast a dark shadow over the sport’s oldest format. The future of the game is uncertain but with many amongst the sport’s echo chamber still touting its success, is there any truth to cricket’s largest debate?

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The Story of the West Indies

LONG READ: How did the success of West Indies cricket team allow them to overcome negative racial discourse in cricket media and bring West Indian culture back to the islands of the West Indies?

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