Author: Riley Taylor

The Death of The Test

LONG READ: The argument around whether Test match cricket is dying in England has continued to cast a dark shadow over the sport’s oldest format. The future of the game is uncertain but with many amongst the sport’s echo chamber still touting its success, is there any truth to cricket’s largest debate?

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Local Cricket Clubs Under Threat From Coronavirus

With lockdown now starting to ease in England, people have begun to celebrate but for many, it has affected their hobbies and their livelihoods. Cricket has been heavily impacting but at the grassroots level is where it can be shown most with some clubs struggling for finances and with a lack of guidance on when their season can begin, clubs are looking for answers. This video is about how local clubs in Dorset have been affected and what they are now doing to prepare for the start of the season if it begins at all.

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Who is the best all-format batsman out of the “Fab Four?”

After England’s conclusion to their tour of India, Riley Taylor examines using statistics, who is the best all-format batsman out of Joe Root, Virat Kohli and two of the other “fab four”, Steve Smith and Kane Williamson .

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The Story of the West Indies

LONG READ: How did the success of West Indies cricket team allow them to overcome negative racial discourse in cricket media and bring West Indian culture back to the islands of the West Indies?

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Heath Heroics Helps United Score Six

Riley Taylor gives us all the details in Manchester United’s 6-1 thrashing of Bristol City in the Women’s Super League.

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Overtime Editor’s Guide to Sub-editing, Hyperlinks and Excerpts

Tweet Welcome to an Overtime Essentials’ guide on what to have on your piece before it is published, below will be a guide on how to add the essential parts of a piece before you are good to go and ready to publish. A handy document for learning the basics […]

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