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By Cameron Russell, George Brereton, Frank Willett and Owen Steward

A trip to Prague in the Europa League for Rangers once again threw up allegations of racial behaviour. Midfielder Glen Kamara was subject to booing from the crowd, just months after suffering racial abuse from Sparta Prague’s rivals Slavia.

Though Sparta’s stadium was closed due to a separate incident involving racism, 10,000 children and their chaperones were allowed access to watch the match.

Following this latest occurrence of racism, we asked people in Brighton their view on whether harsher punishment should be introduced to eradicate racism and if they thought this would be effective.

Jason Davis

Jason Davis, 49, a teacher, said: “Yes, I think there should be more effective punishment when it occurs. However, I think education and rehabilitation tends to be more effective. There should be punishments, but it should go hand in hand. Understand where its coming from and combat the problems.”

Ben Jenkins

Ben Jenkins, 45, also a teacher, said: “Yes I think harsher punishment should be given, but it will be hard to police racism.

“We are kind of lucky in this country because there are other countries in Europe where its horrendous. I can’t see what international bodies would do.”

Michael Karawusa

Michael Karawusa, 21, a pharmacy Master’s student, said: “Most of the time it’s just stadium bans but I still don’t think it’s harsh enough.
“Whether or not clubs or individuals should be punished it does depend as usually if it’s one individual you can point it out, so the punishment goes to that one individual.”

Simisola Oseghgale

Simisola Oseghgale, 21, also studying pharmacy at Brighton, said: “I don’t know much but I’m sure it’s not harsh enough because it seems to be a reoccurring theme.
“I’m sure if one person is punished, the way they should be, then everyone else wouldn’t be (racist). Then again, I definitely think it’s more than that, someone being punished won’t just stop someone being racist because it’s deeper than that.
“I think with newspapers as well that they can fuel it (racism) within the game.”

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