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Critical Investigation: Football racism in Finland

Tweet “Every one of us were together in the same line” Mohammad Al-Emara´s name rose to every football fan´s lips in Finland from his actions in 2017 at a First Division game Haka-KTP. In that game the Iraqi born football referee did suspend bravely the match, when he heard racist […]

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Speaking the unspoken: racism in non-league football. 

Tweet My target publication is The Athletic The first-hand experience This is an investigation by The Athletic into non-league football. The Athletic has spoken to a variety of people involved in non-league football to get to the bottom of the issue, racism in non-league football. In the first part you will hear from semi-professional […]

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How have athletes used major sporting events to protest racial inequality?

Tweet The Beijing Olympics in 2008 had 4.4 billion television viewers worldwide (Statista, 2016). Major sporting events have global attraction. Athletes are admired and often idolised by fans and spectators who support them at these events. When an athlete performs at a major sporting event they have a global platform […]

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Racism In Football – From Grassroots to The Premier League

Tweet Hi I’m Lucas Rolph and here is a piece about the ongoing issues with racism in football. Case studies have been looked into of players and also the TV show Jamie Johnson which shows how racism is a matter not just on the biggest stage, but in grassroots football […]

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