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By Colin D’Cunha, Henry Smout and Girvane Bila

Covid rules were shuffled once again following the UK Government’s decision to exempt double-jabbed players from quarantine. This stems from last month’s confusion surrounding high-profile Premier League internationals featuring for their respective red-list countries.

The public opinion surrounding the announcement is overwhelmingly negative.

Jerome Asuelimen, a 49-year-old pharmacist, said: “I don’t like it. Everyone should be treated equally.

“For the sake of public safety, everyone should be required to quarantine, otherwise we’re just running in circles.”

Jite Wamoghin, 18, a marketing management student, said: “Athletes are still people, and people can still catch COVID. I personally believe live sporting events shouldn’t be held in the first place.”

Alexander Novak, an automotive engineering student, said: “Money talks. The Premier League is the biggest league in the world. The colossal revenue generated by the league certainly will have played a part in the decision.

“There’s been a general pattern throughout the pandemic of money over safety. This is seen in a variety of ways, particularly in the case of politicians like Boris Johnson.

“Covid safety in Formula 1 is lax at the moment. It’s like a PR stunt.”

Daniel Oppido, a 26-year-old library assistant at the University of Brighton, said: ““The rules for athletes, politicians and musicians should be the same as everyone else.

“It all seems a bit wishy-washy. They should just isolate where they are.” 

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