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            Propaganda is basically derived from the catholic church in1622 at that time propaganda was used for the propagation of the faith and then POP give hype to the propaganda at the massive level, gradually its popularity increase fay by day. Pop use propaganda for their own benefits. The Latin meaning of the propaganda was “the propagation of the faith”. Pop George use propaganda for the faith to the non-Catholic countries. As we go back to the history, it seems like that as the literacyincreases in the world the literate people use propaganda as very strong tool. First people in the world use propaganda in the negative perspective but there are some regions in the world that they use the propaganda in positive and some use it as a neutral we cant say that propaganda is always used as a negative bay but it can also use in the positive way and negative way as well.


            Propaganda is basically the fake news, it is always being used as a negative terminology, negative terminology is basically the alesinformation but we can’t define propaganda in one simple line. Propaganda is vast term and it is not limited to one word or one line it can define in many ways likepropaganda so something like extra exaggeration of something that extra exaggeration can be caused by; many ways for instance money fear terrorism and many other things’ it is also define as the twodevelop a situation and that situation can devalue people.

In the initial time when the propaganda starts pop use propaganda for their own benefits but it not only the mistake of the pop it mistakes of the people of group of society and your ma called society who gave to much importance to thepop that he doesanything which he wants to do and pop is very much succeed in this mission initially pop tell about the certain values, firstly pop can tell about th3e divine rights

The right mentions in the holly book. The holly book that is bible, they have different versions of the bible .in bible the same thing is happened that different pop makes changes in the bible in their own away for their own benefits so theymentiontheir own rights in the bible for their benefits,

The church was very much strong in the start, every policy was made in the church with the help of the pop, they made thepolices for their own benefits that policeswas made by the governmentwith the help ofthe pop. The polices was made on with the help of pop or church not any other personality was including to make the policy.

Pop was superior. no one can beat him in any way he has right to do anything which he way he hasthesuper power they believe that pipis the onlyperson m that he forgives their sins from the god.

As we take the example of the oxford university that oxford university area is hold by the church from this thing u can imagine that how powerful church at that time.

King is nothing without the church. You can imagine with this line that how powerful the propaganda is at that is too much effected o the Europe and Europe have loos too much for this propaganda that include many things.



            Black propaganda is simply deliberate and strategic transmission of lies. Itis alsodefiningas fake news.


  • Donald trump during the election make thefake news about the Harley Clinton.
  • Shahid Masood put fake eligation on Imran which is the killer of the zainab, in the zainab abuse case.
  • Jhangnewspaper make fake news regarding the prime minister of Azad and jamu Kashmir.


            White propaganda is basically to divert the attention from the original news through some other sources.


  • Pashtoon Tahufz Movement PTM
  • FATA
  • Justice Hamood ur Rehamna is also goodexample
  • BALOCHISTAN issue as a current affair
  • In white propaganda other sources may in includemind you also identify the source.


            Gray propaganda is basically the new which is true or not true, in simple words it is the doubtable information, you don’t know it may be false or right as well.


  • OSAMA BIN LADIN case in abbotabad.
  • Allegations of political leader on one another isalways doubtful


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