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The magic of being on the stage is just a pipe dream for many. Whether it’s due to age, gender or appearance, some individuals may have kept distance from their dream career, whether they’ve been told they should or through their own assumption.

Six is an all female production currently on the West End

But should this be the case, and should production companies be doing more to prevent this way of thinking?

Rachel Kimber is the co-founder of Not Your Muse theatre company, an organisation passionate about encouraging and crediting all individuals for their work and commitment, especially young and upcoming women. She spoke to me about her experiences of equal opportunities in theatre.

She said: ‘Particularly with the production side of it, a good example of it is that we’re obviously pitching to different theatres and stuff like that you have to do with your production and every single pitch we do is to a man. Every person we have met who is making the decision of what goes on and what doesn’t go on, in our experience, has been a man.’

A still from ‘Not Your Muse’ production

Not Your Muse’s new production will feature at Brighton Fringe this month. ‘Happenings’ explores mental health in the lives of ‘ordinary’ people in their thirties, and is directed by John Berry with additional material by Zo Biba Leonard.

Kimber said: ‘We love to collaborate with new things and new people. Also we’re experimental, we’re pushing new writing, that’s our thing. ‘It’s our mission to address the balance.’

To discover more about Kimber’s production company, follow the link:

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