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Joe Biden is predicted to become the 46th president with a historic number of popular votes, whereas Donald Trump is only the 10th president in history to lose re-election, unless he wins a second term the future.

Barack Obama won almost 69.5 million votes in 2008 and held the popular vote record until now.

The 2020 presidential election votes are still being counted, but Joe Biden has so far gathered over 75 million.

The closest anyone got to breaking Obama’s record was Hillary Clinton who got close to 66 million in 2016 and lost to Donald Trump with almost 63 million – she beat him by 2% in popular votes but lost by 77 electoral votes.

Today, however, Donald Trump is losing both the popular and the electoral vote to Joe Biden (279:214 according to CNN so far).

In the past, only nine American presidents ran for re-election and lost; ten if Grover Cleveland is included – he is so far the only president to serve two non-consecutive terms, losing in 1888 and then winning four years later.

This makes Donald Trump one of the few American heads of state to lose when running for their second term, specifically the 10th or 11th – depending on who you are counting and whether he runs and in wins again in the future.

2020 so far seems to be the year with record voter turnout as well, with the record already broken in some states, but total numbers will be uncertain until all of the votes are counted.

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