Author: Marie Udatna

Day of Rememberance for transgender lives lost to violence

Tweet This Friday, 20 November, is internationally observed as the Transgender Day of Rememberance. TDoR annually honours transgender lives lost to violence and follows the Transgender Awareness Week. The Transgender Day of Remembrance was started in 1999 after the unsolved murder of Rita Hester, who was stabbed 20 times in […]

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The Berlin Wall fell 31 years ago today

Tweet The Berlin Wall fell figuratively on 9 November 1989 and literally in the following days as it was chipped away piece by piece by Berliners. The wall sprung up almost overnight in the summer of 1961 and held up for almost three decades. It divided Berlin, geographically in the […]

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Trump backlash leads to record vote

Tweet Joe Biden is to become the 46th president with a historic number of popular votes, whereas Donald Trump is only the 10th president in history to lose re-election, unless he wins a second term the future. Barack Obama won almost 69.5 million votes in 2008 and held the popular […]

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Americans frightened of post-election violence

Tweet Americans are urging each other to stay at home this week and the days following the presidential election results to stay safe. Twitter has been flooded with messages warning of a possible surge in violence – especially towards people of colour, Muslim people, and LGBTQIA+ people – regardless of […]

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