Author: Marie Udatna

#JohnsonOut trending on Twitter in a digital protest to PM’s handling of the pandemic

Tweet People joined a digital protest today to express outrage at the Prime Minister’s reactions to a range of issues from Brexit to the crisis in Afghanistan, but the main focus was on the COVID-19 pandemic. At 7pm, #JohnsonOut was trending with 54K tweets as the number 1 in the […]

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Pets and wildlife help us in lockdown, University of York finds

Tweet Pets and other animals helped us manage stress in lockdown, researchers at the University of York discovered. According to the study, pet species was not relevant and even bird watching and other interactions with wildlife were beneficial. But people also reported worries about their pets’ wellbeing in lockdown.

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Day of Remembrance for transgender lives lost to violence

Tweet This Friday, 20 November, is internationally observed as the Transgender Day of Remembrance. TDoR annually honours transgender lives lost to violence and follows the Transgender Awareness Week. The Transgender Day of Remembrance was started in 1999 after the unsolved murder of Rita Hester, who was stabbed 20 times in […]

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The Berlin Wall fell 31 years ago today

Tweet The Berlin Wall fell figuratively on 9 November 1989 and literally in the following days as it was chipped away piece by piece by Berliners. The wall sprung up almost overnight in the summer of 1961 and held up for almost three decades. It divided Berlin (geographically found in […]

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