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When gyms closed for the lockdown, Indalo Pahana bought a bike to exercise. At that time he was a chef. But then he burnt his hand with hot oil, had to quit his job and move out of his house, and his friend was diagnosed with cancer, Indi decided he wanted to bring inspiration to people around him and make people laugh when they are going through hard times. Indi’s name means ‘messenger of Gods’ and this was his journey.

And so Indi started cycling at the Brighton pier and finished in the same spot two and a half months later and 5,000 miles stronger. He made connections with people, talked to them are depression and anxiety, made them laugh and even made time to shoot comedic video he had been meaning to create for quite some time.  

He even described a scary night-time encounter with an unknown screaming stranger that made him buy a knife for self-defense the next day. Now he’s back at Brighton and back to do uneventful things laundry. But he does not consider the journey over – now he is enrolled in a drama class and will be sharpening his comedic skillset. Then he wants to work in a children’s hospice to help children through laughter.

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