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Bodybuilders are notorious for demonstrating their immense dedication to achieving the best muscular physique. But what are the biggest struggles that they face?

John Cancea, who is an aspiring bodybuilder just 10 days out from competing in the FITX Birmingham Bodybuilding competition, talked about the main struggle he faces before going into competition.

He said: “The biggest struggle I’ve faced so far has been the lack of food.  I have been on pretty much no carbs for the past two weeks, just to really deplete my body and dig out the definition that I need before I load up again for the ‘peak week’.

“This has meant I have struggled with the deficit of energy, which has also made my sleep suffer due to feeling drained, as it’s been very difficult from such a low-calorie diet compared to what I’m used to.”

Next, I then spoke to Dan Fitt, who is a former powerlifter turned bodybuilding influencer, to try and discover what struggles he faces when training.

He said: “I would say the hardest part for me is nutrition because it’s the main component which aids my recovery. Recovering is so important in the gym because not allowing your body to heal will result in not being able to adapt or improve in the gym when working out.”

So it seems that despite the immense display of bodybuilding, there is a lot more to it than just lifting weights as the athletes encounter numerous problems whilst also training hard.

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