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The increase of bus ticket prices in Brighton and Hove has been brought to the attention of the local university students. 

Students were unpleasantly surprised by this change on their return from the Easter break. Izzy Brien, a student at the University of Brighton, said “it is very difficult to get into town”.

Izzy’s lectures take place on the City Campus and with the increase in fare prices it has had her seeking “for alternative options” in order to save money. 

With this change, most students will be seeking different ways to get around town for example: the bike hire stations that are scattered around the city. 

Other modes of transport such as the trains are a quick and easy way to get to and from the city however, for a student it would be a larger fee then the buses. 

When speaking to another student who is also a retail employee, Olivia Ham, she stated that she “does not have any other option” other than the buses in order to get to and from work and will have to unfortunately continue to be an avid user due to the insufficient number of modes of transport from the Falmer Campus at the University of Brighton.

This has become problematic due to the students being extremely dependent on the buses in order to get around the city, go to university as well as being able to enjoy their social life. 

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