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In May of this year, Minnesota was the 23rd US State to legalise cannabis for recreational purposes. Lena Brivio and Charlie Ellerby went to the streets of Brighton to gauge public opinion on if marijuana were to be made legal in the UK. We interviewed several people of different ages about the pressing issue at hand

“Yeah I think it should. People smoke it all the time regardless of whether its legal and there is lots of medical advantages for example being used to treat pain. It’s already legalised in several countries and could be a progressive move forward. No issues have come from legalising it elsewhere. Disadvantages could be that driving while under the influence of cannabis could be a problem however regulations can come in to deal with this in the same way they exist for alcohol.”

Amelia Thomas, 25

“I have friends who live in Napa Valley [in California], and they are seeing vineyards switch to growing marijuana, so it’s becoming quite an interesting industry, and like different grape varieties there are different marijuana varieties, so there is a lot of development in that industry that people don’t realise is possible. I think as well due to the problems with drug trafficking there are advantages for it to be a commercial product.”

Marnie Middlemiss, 45
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