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Brighton flatmates believe that Brighton and Hove City Council need to be investing more money into the worn-out basketball courts located along the vibrant Brighton seafront.

Lucien (left), 27, from Switzerland, and Pedro (right), 30, from Spain, who share a flat in Brighton, met playing basketball at the court, near the i360, which has become a popular place for people to play basketball, and meet new people within the basketball community.

Lucien said, he plays basketball at the court on Brighton seafront ‘once every two months,’ due to the poor weather conditions at the moment, with it getting a lot colder, and darker throughout the day. However, in the summer, he plays a lot more often, and the basketball court becomes more used, it can get ‘very busy,’ he said.

Lucien, and Pedro both believe that the basketball court can become overcrowded and overused in the summer which has caused it to become run down. This has led them to suggesting that Brighton and Hove City Council should make another basketball court besides the existing one. This is because, there is enough room on the seafront and it would make the basketball court less busy, and more attractive to other people wanting to play basketball and enjoy their passion in Brighton.

As well as this, the basketball court isn’t even full sized, so there is never enough room on the basketball court for people to play properly.  Although, last year in October, Brighton and Hove council teamed up with Brighton tourism guide, VisitBrighton, and finally renovated the basketball court, giving it a well needed refreshed look. The basketball court was repaired, and repainted with a new court surface, as well as the backboards being replaced. However, the court surface has already become worn out within just over year, which shows how overused the basketball court has become.   

Lucien also said, there wasn’t any basketball community events that go on, or are planned on the basketball court, people ‘just turn up and play.’ This means that Brighton and Hove City Council could start a club whereby people can meet and get together to play basketball. However, the basketball court may need some development before this could go ahead.

The basketball court which is free to use and open all year round to the public, is the closest to Brighton city, with a seaside view. As well as this, it has become a very popular place for people in Brighton, as it is an opportunity to socialise and exercise with other people. Therefore, with the basketball court being the least busy this time of year, could be the best time of year for Brighton and Hove City Council to add new improvements, for example expanding and renovating the basketball court to please the basketball community, such as Lucien and Pedro in Brighton and Hove.

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