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By Samuel Owens

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The Light-Heavyweight division in the UFC has had a major shakeup in recent months with Jon Jones relinquishing the title after dominating the weight division for years. The main event this Saturday on the UFC Fight Night between Thiago Santos who is ranked first in the division and third-placed Glover Teixeira. Both know the importance of victory in this fight as the winner will have a great opportunity to take on the current Light-Heavyweight champion Jan Blachowicz.

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Santos at the weigh-in.

Santos hasn’t had a fight for over a year after losing to former Light-Heavyweight champion Jones in a split decision. Before then Santos beat current Light-Heavyweight champion Blachowicz with a TKO finish in the third round of their fight. Santos is a Mixed Martial Artist, whose record is 21-1, who is known for his striking with 15 knockouts on his record. Santos is more comfortable on his feet throwing strikes rather than being on the floor.

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Santos in his fight with the current UFC Light Heavyweight champion.

Santos is currently ranked first in the UFC ranking in the Light Heavyweight so a win could get him another opportunity in becoming the UFC Light Heavyweight champion.

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Teixeira at the weigh-in. He is weighing the same as his opponent in the fight (205.5 pounds).

Teixeira has won his last four fights in the UFC most recently against Anthony Smith back in May with a TKO finish in the fifth round of the fight. Teixeira is more comfortable than Santos is on the floor with eight wins via submission. He could also do some damage while standing with 18 wins via knockout. Teixeira’s fighting style Brazilian jiu-jitsu means he will want to bring Santos to the ground as he is someone who prefers to be on his feet.

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Teixeira during his last fight against Anthony Smith.

The 41-year-old knows he doesn’t have many chances left in his career to become UFC champion so victory is key for Teixeira for his career and legacy.

Both fighters know victory will help their cause in becoming UFC Light Heavyweight champion. Teixeira knows this is possibly his final chance in becoming the champion and this might bring the best out of him. Also, Santos hasn’t fought in over a year so he might be rusty when he enters the Octagon. However, Santos is still the favourite going into the fight with his knockout power meaning most people are predicting a victory by Santos via knockout. However with Santos potentially being rusty in the Octagon and Teixeira being the stronger fighter on the ground, these factors mean that the up incoming fight will be a must-see fight.

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