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Home   /   Rubbish piles up in Brighton streets as refuse worker strike continues into seventh day.
Overflowing bins by the Level
Overflowing Bins by the Level

Rubbish is filling the streets and there’s little to no sign of anything changing anytime soon.

Refuse workers in the city of Brighton went on strike after talks between the GMB union and BHCC (Brighton and Hove County Council) broke down on the fifth of October. These talks surrounded issues of pay changes and changes to refuse workers duties.

The Green party led Brighton & Hove City Council’s policy and resources committee will set out “options for resolution” later.

However, tensions have risen after Conservative councillor Joe Miller said “I hate to refer to Maggie Thatcher, but this is a similar situation – you can’t negotiate with terrorists.”

Mr Miller has since withdrawn these comments.
The GMB union have stated until they receive an official written apology from Mr Miller, they will not continue negotiations with the council.

The GMB union called it’s members to action amid concerns drivers being removed from long-standing routes.

The strike is rumoured to last until November if the Union and the City council cannot reach an agreement.

Seagull eating food from the overflowing bin
Seagull picking at food from the overflowing bins

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