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Good evening (or should I say morning). My name is Andy and I am taking you through Thursday Night Football, as the reigning Super Bowl champions, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers travel to Philadelphia to take on the Eagles.

Tampa Bay go into this game with a 4-1 record, whereas the Eagles are 2-3. The Buccaneers are rightly the favourites with how the current landscape of the NFL is. They have also won 5 of the last 8 meetings.

Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady leads the league in passing yards (1,767) and only Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes (16) has more passing touchdowns so far than Brady (15). Meanwhile, only Lamar Jackson (341) has more rushing yards for a quarterback than Eagles dual threat Jalen Hurts (256), so it is clear to see the route both teams will go with tonight.

Defensively, Tampa Bay’s 3-4 system was highly effective last season. Pre-game, former New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan, who won a Super Bowl during his playing career, was in high praise of Buccaneers linebacker Devin White.

“White is a stud. Lavonte David is the other linebacker who they are missing. They are like Batman and Robin. It is going to be interesting to see what he (White) can do. This is a team that is incredible against the run, only giving up 48 yards or game”.

For the Eagles, only three players have more total tackles this year than linebacker Alex Singleton (52) and only three players have more sacks than Philadelphia defensive tackle Javon Hargrave (6).

1st Quarter:

15:00 remaining. Brady hands off to running back Leonard Fournette, who runs straight down the middle for a four-yard gain. Stopped by Josh Sweat.

14:21: Brady finds wide receiver Antonio Brown for a nine-yard throw and a first down gain

13:47: Brady finds Mike Evans with a play action pass and a 22-yard completion.

13:05: Fournette picks up seven yards as the Buccaneers continue to push down the field.

12:16: Another play action pass from Tampa Bay, as Brady finds Godwin for a first down gain.

11:35: Brady attempts to find Brown but it is caught out of bounds.

11:29: Fournette fails to muster much.

10:50: On 3rd down, Brady finds Godwin, who takes Tampa Bay to the 6 yard line and 1st down.

10:11 Fournette takes the Buccaneers to the 2-yard line.

9: 32: TOUCHDOWN TAMPA BAY! Brady finds O.J. Howard in the end zone with the first touchdown of the game. Ryan Succop converts to make it 7-0 to the Buccaneers.

8:50 Hurrts throws to rookie Devonta Smith but the Heisman Trophy winner failed to get the ball in his hands.

8:45: On 3rd and 7, Hurts gets Philly the first down, with an eleven yard gain.

8:15 Hurts stopped early by Vita Vea.

7:36: Hurts could not find Jalen Raegor.

7:32.WHAT A CATCH BY QUEZ WATKINS. Hurts’ throw is caught excellently by Watkins, who deals excellently with tight coverage. The Eagles quickly get the ball out but are penalised and go back 15 yards.

6:14: Hurts goes deep and pass interference is called on Buccaneers cornerback Jamel Dean. This has the Eagles in the redzone.

6:05: TOUCHDOWN EAGLES. Zach Ertz. Using the RPO play, Hurts finds Ertz in the end zone. Jake Elliot converts to tie the game 7-7.

4:38 Brady finds Godwin on the outside on 3rd down to gain a 1st down.

4:04: Once again using play action, Brady finds Fournette for a 10 yard gain.

3:23: Fournette catches the screen pass for a three yard gain He makes the first down on the next play.

2:04: Ronald Jones this time takes over but fails to gain much yardage.

1:21: On 2nd and 5, the screen pass is used again but to Jones. He does enough to get the first down.

0:40: TOUCHDOWN TAMPA BAY. Antonio Brown gets his fourth touchdown of the season. Brady evades pressure in the pocket, and finds an open Brown, who picks up the ball and takes it into the end zone. Succop converts to make it 14-7.

0:33 Hurts hands off to Miles Sanders for a 1 yard gain. On to the second quarter

First quarter review: This has been efficient from Tampa Bay. Brady has looked his normal self. Brown continues to be his most trusted target in the absence of Rob Gronkowski.

Second Quarter:

15:00 Six yard gain for the Eagles from Smith.

14:22: Hurts attempts to find Raegor, but the ball is broken up by Jordan Whitehead. Philadelphia will kick this away.

14:08: Ronald Jones runs for a three yard gain.

13:35 Philly deal excellently with Brown, causing a 5 yard loss. The screen pass from Brady is stopped quickly by cornerback Avonte Maddox.

12:54. 3RD DOWN STOP. Rodney McLeod does brilliantly, to stop Brown reaching the 1st down marker. Tampa Bay use a timeout as they seem to indicate that they will punt this ball away rather than go for it. Ball is punted away by Bradley Pinion. Fair catch called by Raegor

12:07: Hurts makes the screen pass to Sanders, who gets four yard gain.

11:30: Hurts uses his leg but fails to make it much past the line of scrimmage.

10:45: Incomplete pass on 3rd down. Ertz was the target. Hurts could not find his tight end. The Eagles poorly punt it away. Ball will be snapped by Tampa Bay around their own 40 yard lane.

10:34. Brady hands off to Fournette for 6 yards.

10:01: Fournette stopped for no gain.

9:16: INTERCEPTION: Brady’s pass is tipped by Singleton. Marcus Epps picks I tup. This looks like this may be brought back. It looks as though the ball was on the ground ever so slightly before. We have returned from the television break and this in still in further review. Head coach of the Buccaneers, Bruce Arians looks furious as he can be clearly shown to be arguing with the officials. Looking at the replay, you can see the excellent work by Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox, who wins the battle with Alex Kappa between the trenches that ultimately put the pressure on Tom Brady to make the early throw.

CALL REVERSED. After a lengthy wait, the officials call it an incomplete pass as Pinion will punt the ball away. Raegor once again calls the fair catch.

9:06: Hurts uses his feet but slides a yard before the line of scrimmage.

8:24: Brilliant 16 yard throw from Hurts to Ertz atch from Ertz as he completion fro

7:41 INTERCEPTION. Jamel Dean with the pick. Hurts went deep, trying to find Watkins. In man to man coverage, Dean asserts his dominance in the matchup and catches the ball with ease.

7:32. Incomplete pass from Brady, who was hit by Barnett due to a lack of protection from his offensive line.

7:26. Protection is no problem for Brady this time as he finds Cameron Brate for a 12-yard gain.

6:50. Fournette can only rack up two yards on 1st down.

6:13. Brown is found by Brady on the screen pass for a 14 yard gain.

5:32 Fournette shows his ability in the receiving game, as he records an 18 yard completion. He breaks a tackle before running down the field.

4:50: He reverts back to the ground game and is once again dealt with excellently by this Tampa Bay defensive line.

4:13: Scorer of the first touchdown O.J. Howard makes an eleven yard play. 1st down Tampa Bay. Brady finds him on the outside as they

3:36: Brady finds Godwin but it is only a three yard completion.

2:52: Godwin catches the ball in double coverage but is short of 1st down. Six yard movement by the Buccaneers.

2:09: Fournette is stopped quickly by the Eagles but is is enough to put the Buccaneers in 1st and Goal territory.


2:00 TOUCHDOWN BUCCANEERS. Fournette with the rushing touchdown. A gap is opened as Brady hands it off to ‘Playoff Lenny’. Succup converts. 21-7 Tampa Bay.

1:56 Hurts is repeatedly looking like a lost lamb in this game, with his offensive line struggling to contain this Tampa Bay defense. He throws an incomplete pass to Ertz.

1:47. Buccaneers linebacker Shaq Barrett is hot in his pursuit of Hurts, who was scrambling for his life. Four yard gain.

1:41. Hurts attempts a deep pass to rookie running back Kenneth Gainwell. 3 and Out for Philly. They punt the ball away. Mickens catches the ball, attempts to make a play and fumbles the ball before recovering it.

1:21. False start penalty as Kappa is called for false start. Brady throws an incomplete pass to Mike Evans in the resulting play.

1:19. Another incomplete pass to Brady as he tries to find Antonio Brown. 3rd down territory for the reigning champs.

1:14. INTERCEPTION. Anthony Harris. Brady goes deep, with the intention of finding Brown. Harris is open in coverage as he collects the ball from the Goat. There is a bit of afters between Brady and Barnett. Philly have the chance to get back into this game before the half.

0:57. Hurts finds Raegor for a first down gain. 14 yard completion. However, this may be brought back. There is a clear lack of security on the ball. Call reversed. 2nd and 10.

0:53. Hurts avoids the sack but throws out of bounds. Barrett is once again a threat, with

0:46. 3 and Out for the Eagles. A chorus of boos surrounds Lincoln Financial Field as the Eagles look to punt this away. Hurts cannot do it by himself. This time he is afforded time in the pocked but this Bucs defense is simply too good.

0:30. Screen pass to Gio Bernard but this results in a four-yard loss. Both teams happy with the scoreline. END OF HALF.

Second quarter review: This Buccaneers team continued their dominance in the second quarter. They have been efficient this first half. Leonard Fournette has been the biggest threat for Tampa Bay, both in the run game and catching the ball. It is clear that Brown and Fournette are Brady’s two favourite targets.

They have favoured play action and the screen pass has also been heavily used.

Meanwhile, the Eagles continue to hinder Hurts’ development with a poor offensive line performance equally met by a one of the league’s best defenses.

“Brady was phenomenal”, Hall of Fame Terry Bradshaw stated. Former New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez weighed in on the Eagles’ struggles.

“Tampa Bay is catching onto this RPO. They have got a big hill to climb”.

Troy Aikman spoke before the start of the third quarter.

“They’re not going to run the ball effectively sgainst this defense but you have to at least attempt to. They have not had many oportunities (Sanders and Smith). Its been rough. They’ve not been able to “

Announcer Joe Buck talked of how the Eagles “didn’t really get anything done”

1st Downs165
Passing 1st downs133
Rushing 1st downs31
1st downs from penalties01
3rd down efficiency3-62-7
4th down efficiency0-00-0
Total Plays4025
Total Yards23376
Total Drives77
Yards per Play5.83.0
Yards per pass7.23.2
Interceptions thrown11
Sacks-Yards Lost0-01-2
Rushing Attempts148
Yards per rush3.42.8
Red Zone (Made-Att)2-21-1
Fumbles lost00
Interceptions thrown11
Defensive / Special Teams TDs00
Bucaneers (left) have outperformed the Eagles (right) in almost every department.

Third Quarter

15:00. Hurts dumps the ball off to Ertz, who collects it one handed. 2 yard gain.

14:26. Vita Vea with the big stop. Sanders picks up the carry but is stopped quickly by Vea. Another 2 yard gain.

13:46. Hurts throws an incomplete pass to Smith. Punted away and Jaydon Mickens collects it for four yards. Punted away by the Eagles.

13:28. Five yard gain as Brady throws a 5 yard completion to Howard.

12:53. Brown catches for 4 yards but is denied a 1st down. Can the Bucs convert on 3rd and 1?

12:14. Fournette easily gets Tampa Bay a first down for around a 19 yard gain.

11:27. The former LSU back takes the next step for a 5 yard gain. Using their running backs on back to back plays has been a theme of this game so far.

10:50 Fournette is used in the receiving game this time and is once again just short as the Buccaneers tackle 3rd and 1.

10:04. Just like their last 3rd and 1, Fournette is again at ease in making the first down.

9:27. Ronald Jones steps into the backfield but is unable to make more than 2 yards.

8:47. Brady’s screen pass finds Howard, who breaks the tackle from Singleton as he gets Tampa Bay 1st and 10 as the Buccaneers continue their dominance down the field.

Playclock expires on the next play as they use their first timeout on the second half. Buck said it is “too easy right now”.

7:58. Howard is again the target as they are now on 1st and Goal.

7:17. Fournette was close to a touchdown. He rushes to the left hand side, almost finding the pylon. Aikman has called this drive “methodical”.

6:37. Flag thrown. Darius Slay penalised for pass interference on Evans.

6:32. Fournette edges closer to the end zone. He is deemed short.

5:50. TOUCHDOWN TAMPA BAY. Fournette with his second TD of the game, his sixth career multi-touchdown game on the ground.

5:47. Hurts uses play action and makes the deep throw to an open Raegor. Pass interference call as cornerback Mike Edwards is penalised.

5:39. Gainwell is stopped by White for a 1 yard gain after a screen pass from Hurts.

4:58 Another screen pass, this time for Hurts as Ertz gets the Eagles to 3rd and 3.

4:18. Philly make the first down. The home fans cheer as they make just their 7th first down of the game, as opposed to the Buccaneers’ 22.

3:52. Miles Sanders received the ball for a loss of 2.

3:14. Hurts uses his feet as he gets the Eagles near the end zone. 3rd and 3 in the redone for Philadelphia.

2:28. ALMOST. Watkins contributes with an excellent route run. He catches the ball out of bounds. Some calls for pass interference.

2:21. TOUCHDOWN PHILLY. Jalen Hurts. He initially stands in the pocked, before he sees the gap and runs to the outside for a rushing touchdown. Converted by Elliot. 28-14.

2:14. Incomplete pass from Brady to Brown.

2:10. Brady finds the screen pass to Brown, but Maddox ensures there is no gain. 3rd and 10 Tampa Bay.

1:30. Brady finds the pass to Bernard under pressure, but they are just short of a 1st down. Pinion punts the ball away.

0:36: Screen pass made by Hurts to Watkins. End of thi

Third quarter review: This has been dominant from the Buccaneers. The Eagles have kept it competitive with the late third quarter touchdown but is has been all Tampa Bay. Barrett continues to be the force on the defensive side of the ball.Fournette has been the biggest threat on offense for Tampa Bay.

Fourth Quarter

15:00. Hurts finds Watkins. It appears a good pass, but are both feet in bounds. The officials are reviewing it and is looks that he was dragging his second foot. Call stands.

14:41. Hurts avoids the sack but could only throw an incomplete pass.

14:35. More protection is given to Hurts, who as a result throws a 24-yard pass to Smith. Aikman called it his “best throw if the night”.

14:01. Sanders rushes for an eleven yard pickup and 1st down.

13:35. Hurts scrambles but could not run further than the line of scrimmage.

12:55. Buccaneers defensive back Ross Cockrell almost gets an interception and probably should have. Hurts attempted the screen to Sanders but Cockrell could not get his hands right.

12:51. Hurts scrambled but throws an incomplete pass that is once again close to being intercepted.

12:43. Missed field goal. Elliot’s 46-yard effort falls wide of the goalpost.

12:38. Ball handed off to Jones, who completes an 8-yard rushing attempt.

12:05. Jones is utilised once again and makes the 1st down marker.

11:28. The RB2 makes an impressive run, but the play is bought back after tackle Donovan Smith is penalised for holding. Hargrave walks off with an apparent injury.

11:06. The quiet Evans gets rare action but only makes a 5-yard gain.e

10:29. Cameron Brate gets in on the action as he catches for a short gain. 3rd and 11

9:50. Brate is once again utilised but is denied the first down after a tackle from Genard Avery. BUCS GOING FOR IT ON FOURTH.

9:04. Here we go. Brady collects the snaped ball but could not throw a complete pass. Can the Eagles make this game competitive?

8:59. Screen thrown to Sanders for a six-yard gain.

8:44. Powerful run carried out by Sanders, for a 23-yard gain. A gap opens in the offensive line, allowing him to move the sticks. The following play sees Sanders make another impressive run that has moved Philly near the end zone.

7:50. Hurts continues this impressive drive in the ground game for the Eagles. They are now just four yards from the end zone.

7:13. Sanders rushes for a short gain but this ensures they have a first down.

6:45. Hurts throws an incomplete pass. Flag thrown. Defensive holding called on Dee Delaney.

6:41. No gain as Ndamukong Suh makes the play on defense.

5:57. TOUCHDOWN EAGLES. Jalen Hurts. The QB runs straight down the middle after some movement in the pocket. We have a game. Will the Buccaneers regret the decision to go for it on fourth.The Eagles go for it on 2 and have no regrets as Watkins catches for the 2-point conversion.

5:57. Fournette runs out of bounds to the left for a 2 yard gain. Avery has been penalised for taunting, resulting in a 15-yard, much to the bemusement of Aikman and Buck.

4:52: Brown catches the ball on a slant route on 2nd and 10, enough for a first down.

4:08. Fournette runs for a very short gain.

3:38. Brady finds Fournette who makes just 2 yards after a tackle from Singleton.

3:24. Brady finds Brown on 3rd and 7. This might just be the killer blow. In double coverage, he manages to grab the under thrown ball.

2:38. Loss of 1 as Fournette is denied by Josh Sweat.

2:34. Brady throws to Brate as Tampa Bay will have their 3rd down just a yard short of the required line.

2:27. QB sneak from Brady as the 2 minute warning looms. With no timeouts left from the Eagles and the Buccaneers on 1st and Goal, this game is pretty much over.

2:00. The Buccaneers kneel down as they secure the win. Final score: 28-22.

Tampa Bay were the deserved winners of this game. Philly rallied late in a valiant effort but this was not enough as Brady, Fournette, Barrett and Brown particularly impressed. The Buccaneers moved to 5-1 whereas the Eagles not sit 2-4.

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