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Hello again, my name is Oliver and I will be taking you through this Europa League round of 32 clash between AS Roma and Feyenoord.

Roma and Feyenoord have now faced each other 3 times in last 3 seasons in the Europa League knockout rounds. These teams have shared a final together with Mourinho’s Roma coming out on top in the 2022 UEFA Confrence League final.

Feyenoord will also be looking to redeem themselves from last time the two teams met at Roma were victorious with a big disparity of 4-1.

Here are how the two teams line up on this chilly night at De Kuip.

KICK OFF- And were off. Roma kicks off the game today and they immediately try and create something with Nicola Zalewski running down the left wing and trying to get the ball to Romelu Lukaku.

3, Zalewski gets tackled carelessly from the back by Ramiz Zerrouki who starts shaking his head as if to say it wasn’t a foul and the referee was being soft.

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5′ The Roma goalkeeper Mile Svilar gets a hard barge on his shoulder by Yankubah Minteh because of his long time on the ball in the box

7′ Edoardo Bove takes aim from deep with a lay off from Lukaku who was utilising his body in the box.

8′ The Bove shot goes out for a corner which doesn’t come to much as it is kicked out of play for a throw in and Roma retain the ball.

9′ Lorenzo Pellegrini gets a wonderful ball played into his feet and squeezes it past the Feyenoord goalkeeper but David Hancko makes a heroic save with his head as he clears it out away from the Feyenoord net

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11′ Pellegrini stops Calvin Stengs in his tracks as he was gaining some momentum on the wing and fouls him.

13′ Feyenoord have started building from the back again with the centre backs combining passes

14′ YELLOW CARD- Yellow card has been awarded to Thomas Beleen as he drags Lukaku from the back as he is played through by Pellegrini

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15′ The free kick is in a dangerous position but hits the Feyenoord wall and it goes out for a corner.

16′ Dybala receives the ball on the wing an plays a cross into Lukaku who is lurking in between the Feyenoord defenders and heads the ball into the keepers hands.

17′ Zalewski loses the ball and the Feyenoord fulback Bart Nieuwkoop runs down the wing wanting to create a dangerous attack but Zalewski recovers well and runs back to block it for a corner.

20′ Zalewski loses the ball again and Stengs carries the ball and plays a ball into the box to Igor Paixao who scuffs it wide after hesitating on a shot. Big chance.

24′ Leonardo Spinazzola wastes possession and plays it from a deep position back into the feet of Feyenoord defenders who try and create another opportunity for Feyenoord, Roma are feeling the Dutch danger.

25′ Dybala using his feet trying to create magic and Romas lose the ball again

26′ Zalewski has the ball at a dangerous angle to shoot but instead tries to square it for Lukaku but the ball doesn’t get past the defenders. Roma fans definitely frustrated with that decision making.

27′ Yankubah Minteh carries the ball on the wing cutting it back to Mats Wieffer who hits it first time into the box with a piercing pass though the Roma defence which doesn’t get picked up by any Feyenoord players.

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29′ OFFSIDE Roma building up on a fast break but Romelu Lukaku dosen’t time his run well and gets caught offside by the Feyenoord defensive line.

32′ Stengs silkily avoids Bove in the middle of the park and drills the ball forwards to Paixao who does nothing with it and loses it cancelling all Stengs’ hard work.

33′ YELLO CARD- Minteh recieves a yellow card for touching Zalewski on the face without much force and Zalewksi makes a scene of it which makes the refferee make a impulse decision.

36′ Mats Weiffer instead of picking out a teammate goes for glory and with a lot of space in front of him he decides to smash it wide on the floor.

40′ Roma buiding up well with silky feet from Dybala and smart movements from the attackers, Zalewski cuts the ball back and paredes smashes it from about 30 yards out with power and the keeper makes a fingertip save onto the crossbar keeping the fans from a spectacular goal that would’ve been talked by Roma fans about for years to come

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42′ Spinazzola being quiet this game bursts a run down the left and plays it into the box but creating nothing much as Lukaku cant get any good contact as it skims his head.

44′ Paredes makes a piercing pass through the midfield

45’Dangerous cross from the left and Lukaku hits it straight at the keeper at speed but the keeper has solid hands with , if only he placed it better.

45′ GOAL- Quality header from Piaxao gives Feyenoord the lead. Quilindschy Hartman crosses the ball in to an unmarked Piaxao with loads of space and he places it with power behind his head.

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45′ Pellegrini steps behind another free kick and Timon Wellenreuther claims it and the half time whistle blows.

46′ The second half begins

46′ YELLOW CARD- Ayase Ueda uses his body well leaning on Diego Llorente and winning a free kick just on the D of the box.

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46′ The Roma players rush out the box towards the ball to block and Bove bravely takes the damage of the strike and is now in pain lying on the floor.

49′ Bove is now being taken off the pitch and is being kept back as the game continues but this time with 10 Roma players.

50′ Bove is now back on the pitch slowly jogging on.

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51′ Karsdorp gains the ball and sets it off for Dybala who skies the shot with row Z of the De Kuip getting a closer look on the ball.

54′ Spinazzola tries to find Lukaku who leaps for the ball which was sent in with a lot of height that Lukaku could barely reach and it goes over the goal for a goal kick.

56′ Dybala turns and attempts a ball into Zalewski who gets cut in front of by a Feyenoord defender.

58′ Spinazzola wastes the ball with a big touch out in front of him and Minteh tries to take advantage and sweeps the ball up for a Roma corner.

61′ Minteh keeps hesitating on taking a shot from just outside the box and gets punished with a tackle.

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63′ DOUBLE SUBSTITUTION- Ueda come off for star man Santiago Gimenez who boasts 20 goals this season for Feyenoord. Minteh who as been creating problems tonight comes off for Ondrej Lingr.

63′ SUBSTITUTION- Nicola Zalewski after making a lot of noise early in the first half comes off for number 92 El Sharaway

65′ Karsdorp looking for someone to come across on his low cross but no one goes for it and Wellenreuther sweeps it up.

67′ GOAL- Lukaku scores a contested header and gives Relief for the manager under pressure De Rossi. Romelu Lukaku makes it 1-1, game on!

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70′ YELLOW CARD- Calvin Stengs revieves a yellow card and makes that the third Feyenoord yellow card of the game.

71′ SUBSTITUTION- Fresh after receiving his yellow Stengs comes off for Croatian midfielder Luka Ivanušec. Feyenoord do not want to mess around with player availability.

74′ A scuffle going on on the D just outside the box and Gimenez attempts a bicycle kick and it makes contact but hits a Roma player on its way towards the goal.

78′ DOUBLE SUBSTITUTION- Bart Nieuwkoop is withdrawn and replaced by 17 year old Givairo Read. Antoni Milambo comes on for goalscorer Paixao.

82′ Roma make their second substitution with Karsdorp getting jeered off by the fans and Zeki Celik replaces him.

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84′ Play is stopped as Svilar looks hurt and Rui Patricio on his 35th birthday might have to step in between the sticks. Play carries on without a substitution.

86′ Up to this point possession has been equally shared with Roma having 51% possession.

87’YELLOW CARD- Bove recieves a yellow card and will miss his the second leg of this tie

88′ SUBSTITUTION- Dybala comes off for youngster Tommaso Baldanzi.

90′ Gimenez tests the Roma keepers’ hands with a powerful shot straight at the goal.

90’YELLOW CARD- Cristante tackles .. on the wing and creates a dangerous position for Roma to be in.

90+1′ From a crossing angle it seemed Ivanusec goes for goal and hits the post with a curved intentional shot.

90+3′ De Kuip keeps getting louder and the atmosphere is what football is all about, making it harder for the Roma players by creating a hostile environment and Feyenoord players will gain energy.

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90+6′ Feyenoord are maintaining possession throughout the 90 minute period and are showing relentless pressure.

90+7’FULL TIME- The full time whistle blows and both sets of fans will be pleased with a draw however the second leg at the Stadio Olimpico will no doubt be tasty.

Today’s Europa league first legs are all over. A high scoring day with 15 goals scored all over 4 games. Thankyou very much for reading along with me as the game went on.

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