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The Australian has transformed Spurs both culturally and on the pitch in a surprise strong start

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No manager in the Premier League had a better start than Ange’s unbeaten Spurs following the first ten games. Whilst since then the lily whites have suffered three straight defeats consequent of an injury crisis at the lane, performance levels have not seen a dramatic drop. So, what exactly has the Australian changed at Spurs?

There has been a blindingly obvious cultural reset at N17 as a result of Postecoglou’s appointment. The connection and unity between club and fans has been flawlessly rebuilt, with Spurs fans abnormally positive, revelling in the team’s gun-ho and the fresh nature of the squad of staff.

For Postecoglou, this cultural reset started with personnel. Previous leaders Hugo Lloris and Eric Dier were quickly stripped of captaincy duties, and Heung min Son, Cristian Romero and Summer signing James Maddison compiling a new senior leadership trio. He also personally interviewed and appointed a new team of coaches, with Ryan Mason and Matt Wells the only survivors from the previous campaign. When it came to transfers, no transfer was sanctioned by Postecoglou until he had personally spoken to the player to ensure they were coming to North London for the right reasons. This personable approach from the manager plays into his footballing philosophy, a team, not individuals.

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Behind all this change has been Postecoglou’s personal level of morality and emotional intelligence. Above all, Ange demands his players be good people, emphasising that they are in fortunate positions which they should embrace. This is the basis for Ange’s cultural reset, respect the people around you and your environment appropriately.

Postecoglou’s humility has been greatly refreshing for the league, this most recently being shown in a Spurs fans-forum conference in which he halted proceedings to allow a fan from SpursAbility – the club’s disabled association – to ask a question. 

Postecoglou has reportedly made a number of changes, treating his players as adults and professionals, who should thrive on their own personal responsibility. Ange scrapped the club’s previous plans of staying at the training ground the night before a game, instead allowing his team to spend time with their families the night before a game before travelling separately to a fixture instead of by coach.

On the pitch, Tottenham look reborn, with Postecoglou banishing old mantras of prioritising defending and countering, and replacing them with his foundational and non-negotiable ideas, constant high press, a high line, free flowing passing and directness towards goal.

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Subsequently, Spurs have become one of the most entertaining teams in world football, being both fearless and relentless. Postecoglou is now the guiding light of a club with one of the most exciting futures in the Premier League.

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