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Hello, this is Lucas Michael and welcome to this live coverage of Porto v Atletico Madrid. This is running alongside Bayern Leverkusen v Club Brugge in deciding how this group will end. Porto gunning to get first place, Atletico aiming to get that valuable third place to get them through to the Europa League. Here are the possible outcomes of tonight:

-Atletico Madrid will finish in this group’s Europa League place unless Bayer Leverkusen better their result.

-If Atletico draw against Porto, Bayer Leverkusen will need to win against Bruges to make it into third. But, if Atletico lose, a draw will be enough to see Leverkusen playing at the European level next year.

-Club Brugge will top Group B if they match or better Porto’s result – otherwise Porto finish top. Both have already qualified.

1 – Kick off

3 – Atletico so far controlling the tempo of this game, keeping most of the ball. They win a corner, but Griezmann’ delivery is comfortably collected Costa

4 – Taremi has Porto’s first chance of the game but is miss hit and goes well wide. Maybe not the best decision to shoot, vas he had options elsewhere.

5 – Goal – Porto

Perfect start for Porto! Too easy for Porto. Evanilson gets the ball in the penalty area and squares it to Taremi who can’t miss, placing it in the open net pass Oblak for his first home goal in the Champions League this season.

As it stands, Porto would go through in first place, with Atletico are overtaken for third by Leverkusen who are drawing 0-0 with Club Brugge.

8 – This is not what we expect from an Atletico side known to defend so well. Broken down way too easily and now may be punished by not being in Europe later on in the season.

10 – There is a stoppage in play because Pepe receives a late challenge from Joao Felix and now’s need treatment.

12 – Save – Galeno plays a 1-2 with Taremi and is through on goal but shot is saved by Oblak’s outstretched leg and out for a corner. Lovely play by Porto but should be 2!

15 – In other news, the other game in Group B is still 0-0.

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17 – Poor from Griezmann, trying to play the 1-2 with Correa but plays it too hard and out for a goal kick. Comfortable so far for Porto.

19 – Really nice touch by Joao Felix, using the outside of his foot. But Pepe gets revenge for Felix’s late challenge on him earlier and shields the ball out of play for a goal kick.

22 – Good play by Atletico leads to Reinaldo on the left side who’s cross is deep but awkward for Sanusi and goes out for a corner. Nothing comes from the corner.

24 – Goal – Porto

This is turning into a disaster for Atletico Madrid! The ball is played down the line by Sanusi to Galeno who lays it off to Estaquino who places the ball into the bottom left-hand corner. Great counterattack by Porto!

26 – This could be the end of Atletico Madrid’s European journey for this season. They have been very poor defensively tonight, summing up their whole campaign. They now need to rely on Club Brugge more than ever to get a result to send them through to the Europa League.

28 – Atletico caught sleeping from a throw, with Otavio throwing it to Taremi, but Gimenez comes back to block the effort and concede the corner. The corner goes straight to Oblak who catches it comfortably.

31 – Pepe gives away the ball cheaply to Felix who crosses it to Correa who looks like he slips slips. The ball is left to De Paul whose shot is wild and over.

34 – Witsel tries to play the ball through to Griezmann but the high Porto line leave Griezmann offside. It hasn’t clicked for Atletico tonight.

36 – Save – Another brilliant counterattack by Porto, with Evanilson back heeling the ball to Taremi who lays off Otavio who’s shot is well saved from Oblak. Really good goalkeeping from the Slovenian.

37 – Yellow – Former Liverpool midfielder Grujic picks up a yellow for a flailing arm into De Paul’s face.

40 – Porto sending out a message here

42 – Atletico fail to clear as Evanilson back heels it to Grujic whose shot is blocked out for a corner. The ref then gives a yellow to Reinildo for a late challenge.

45 – There will be 2 minutes added on. 2 more minutes for Simeone to think of a team talk to inspire this lack lustre Atletico Madrid team.

Half time – What a half it has been for Porto. Two goals inside the first 24 minutes see them leading Atletico Madrid 2-0, sending Porto to the top of the group and Atletico Madrid bottom. But this could all change. In the other game, it is 0-0 between Bayer Leverkusen and Club Brugge. if it stays the same, then Brugge will drop to second as Leverkusen will leap above Atletico and grab that Europa League spot. But that could all change. If Brugge score, then Leverkusen will drop below Atletico Madrid so there is still hope for the Spanish team.

Atletico Madrid are known for their comebacks. For example, last weekend they have come from behind to make it 2-2 against Cadiz. This will give them hope that they can do something similar tonight against Porto to save their chances of playing European football this season.

46 – Kick off

46 – Atletico starts the half brightly, getting on front foot and putting pressure on the Porto defence.

48 – Yellow – Stefan Savic takes out Sanusi who is now receiving treatment. With that being his third booking of the campaign, Savic will miss the next match if Atletico make it through.

50 – From the resulting free kick, Savic clears a dangerous looking ball. Porto pick up the ball and ends up with Taremi in the box, but his shot is weak and straight at Oblak who saves it comfortably.

52 – This doesn’t look good for Sanusi. He is helped off the field by his teammates and is replaced by Brazilian left back Wendell.

54 – Griezmann trips Taremi and concedes a free kick. Taremi receives the ball down the line but can’t get the ball in the box as it hits Griezmann. From replays it shows that it hit his hand but nothing goven.

57 – Substitute Wendell tries to find Evanilson in the box, but it is blocked by Gimenez and cleared by Atletico.

59 – Joao Felix receives the ball in a lot of space. He goes forward and has a shot on the edge of the box which is saved comfortably by Costa. Porto defenders throw their arms up at the ref as they thought that the Portuguese attacker was offside.

60 – Joao Felix jeered off from the Porto fans, with him formerly playing for rivals Benfica. He went straight to his seat, not even glancing at Simeone.

62 – Big chance! Good football by Porto coming forward. Taremi lays it off to Evanislon who’s shot is over from 12 yards out. Golden chance to finish the game off.

64 – Wendell sends a cross to the back post but is dealt with to concede a corner. The corner came to Otavio whose shot was blocked by Griezmann and out for a corner, but not before VAR have a look at it, but nothing comes to.

66 – Wrong decision! Taremi gets the ball from a Gimenez mistake and tries to play in Evanislon but his through ball is poor and cleared. If he had his head up, he may have seen Wenderson in acres of space on the left-hand side.

68 – No goal – Griezmann brilliantly finishes the ball brilliantly in the top right corner but is disallowed for a foul on esqutaquino by De Paul. From this, a brawl occurs leading to De Paul and Cardoso receiving a yellow card a piece.

70 – Looking back, that is a really poor decision by the ref. Maybe should have gone to the monitor to take a second look at it.

72 – Porto plays the advantage as they go forward. Evanilson has the ball in the box, but Gimenez eventually clear it for a corner.

73 – Chances! The first corner is cleared for another corner, which has gone straight to gg who header goes straight at Oblak. Atletico then goes on the counter. Carrasco gets the ball, but his shot is straight at Costa. Two wasted chances!

74 – And another! Galeno receives the ball on the left-hand side of the box but trying to go around the goalkeeper the angle tightens, and he fires it wide and over.

76 – Offside – Carrasco gets through and has his shot saved, but the linesman flag goes up.

77 – This is end to end! Taremi has a shot on the edge of the box which is deflected off Witsel and fortunately for Oblak loops over the goal for a corner. That could have gone anywhere.

80 – In the other game, Mignolet is keeping Brugge in the game, keeping the score 0-0 for now.

81 – Evanilson’s night is over. He is replaced by former Westham player Toni Martinez

82 – Double save! Taremi fires the ball at goal, but Oblak gets down and saves well. The ball ends up with Wendell whose shot is also well saved by Oblak.

84 – Mattheus Cunha tries his lick from 30 yards out but fires harmlously wide. It is getting desperate for Atletico now.

86 – Galeno glides past Savic but can’t find Taremi in the box. At the other end, Griezmann fires straight at Costa.

88 – Chance! Griezmann with a golden chance but fires wide. Not been his night.

90 -there will be 5 minutes added on

91 – Fantastic ball by Griezmann to Carassco, but Costa is there again to save it. This will be his 5th Champions League clean sheet.

92 – It has finished in Germany, with Porto celebrating as they will be going through first with the game ending 0-0. Atletico Madrid need to find 2 goals if they want to play in the Europa League.

94 – Goal – Atletico Madrid

Late drama anyone? Corner whipped in and Costa who has been so good miss punches it, and it goes behind him and in. Can Atletico find another?

Full time

It isn’t to be for Atletico Madrid who are out of Europe after suffering a 2-1 defeat to Porto, who top the group after Brugge failed to win against Leverkusen. Thank you for joining me tonight. I’ve been Lucas Michael. goodnight.


Costa – 7 Pepe – 6 Cardoso – 6.5 Marcano – 7 Sanusi – 6 Otavio – 7 Grujic – 6 Estaquino – 7.5 Evanilson – 7 Taremi – 8 Galeno – 7 subs – Wendell – 6.5 Martinez – 6 Borges – n/a Conceicao – n/a

Atletico Madrid

Oblak – 7.5 Savic – 5.5 Gimenez – 6 Reinildo – 6 Molina – 5.5 De Paul – 6 Witsel – 5.5 Saul – 5 Correa – 6 Griezmann – 6 Felix – 5 subs – Carassco – 6.5 Cunha – 5 Barrios – n/a

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