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Consuming news is something that most people like to do, whether it is watching the news, reading the newspaper on your daily commute or using social media sites.

The past decade has seen technology taken to a new level, with gadgets and devices constantly being released we are always finding new ways to keep up to date with current affairs.

However, a new debate has come to light, traditional journalism or online?

The new era in journalism is taking a more unorthodox approach where media companies are having to adapt and adjust to ensure readers are still engaged on other platforms. Twitter, for example has a trending section where live events/key moments can be found on there within seconds.

Snapchat also has a influential presence in documenting what is happening around the world. The Sun newspaper being a key example, they often have voting polls or interactive stories as a way of broadcasting information to the modern era.

There is no doubt that the way we consume our news is changing and it is clear to see that most of us consumers enjoy using these platforms to engage in this. In 2007 only 20% of people who followed the news downloaded online products such as newspapers. In 2020 it was reported that this number had shot up to 70% showing an increase in 50%: Watson (2021). Although newspapers and media companies adapt to the times and move to online forms of journalism does this mean all forms of traditional journalism will cease to exist in 15 years?

. Accessed 27 Apr. 2021.

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