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Sports organisations and athletes took part in a social media boycott recently, raising awareness for online hate, but many argue it is not enough.

Discrimination is still rife on social media, several athletes have shared the abusive messages they constantly receive online.

Amelia, a Formula One blogger, thinks social media platforms should do more to crack down on abuse.

“I think they definitely should be doing things and there needs to be a rehaul in general for the way they address them, because whilst a comment or a message might not contain explicit abuse in terms of not being overly violent or not having clear abusive words.”

Despite all the campaigns in recent decades, many still suffer from racism and sexism online, while Amelia sees a way they can crack down on it, she still thinks we are a long way away from a world without discriminatory abuse.

“I don’t know if you can ever put a timeline on something like that because of the way it is so deeply ingrained in everything we do but I think from a social media and sports perspective it needs huge change and inside the top hierarchies of social media companies and sports authorities.”

BT launched their “Draw The Line” campaign to stand up against abuse on social media. Their research shows one in ten people have experienced some form of online abuse in the last 12 months, with 1.8 million people having experienced threatening behavior online in the same period.

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