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A backlog of driving tests has peaked in numbers, as learners across the UK struggle to get a booking slot on the government website.

The COVID-19 pandemic stopped all driving tests, and now there is a huge demand which test centres cannot cater for.

A Freedom of Information request made to the DVSA found that the number will peak in May, 2022 – with approximately 3,000,000 people trying to book a test this year and the backlog predicted to last until 2024.

Affected by the issue, learning driver Cass Beckford said: “It’s really frustrating because pass or fail, I would’ve at least known how the test is going to go.

“Now, being a university student, it’s getting towards the end of the year and I have to go home this summer, so there is a date that I have to pass the test before.”

The issue is also resultant of the ‘baby boom’ 17 years ago, with more learner drivers than ever, an investigation by Marmalade found.

Aspiring drivers are now having to download applications such as Testi to book slots that have been cancelled, this comes with a £10 in-app purchase to be able to choose your desired test centre.

Beckford said: “It has been useful but you have to pay more just to simply book a test, that is frustrating in itself as the test alone isn’t cheap.

“But these apps at least give us the chance to book cancellation slots in the place we want to do the test.”

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