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I’m Harry Dodds and welcome to Overtime Online’s live coverage of Kid Galahad’s first IBF Featherweight title defense against Kiko Martinez

Galahad will defend his title for the first time in his hometown of Sheffield.

Galahad is coming off the back of the first title win of his career, beating Jazza Dickens to claim the vacant IBF Featherweight title.

Galahad is the massive favourite coming into this fight, and the pressure will be on the Qatar-born Brit.

Veteran Martinez has lost his last four title bouts and will be looking to bounce back with a massive upset.

Not long to wait now until Galahad makes his ring walk.
As the fighters prepare to walk to the ring, lets look at the tale of the tape.

Galahad carries a slight height and reach advantage, as well as a stronger KO percentage.

Martinez’s wealth of experience means he has boxed over 130 rounds more than Galahad

The defending champion makes his ringwalk as he prepares to go to war with Kiko Martinez

Round 1 Begins

Here we go, the fight is underway!

Galahad lands an early combination on Martinez

The champion is getting behind his jab and landing some good shots on his oppopnent

Galahad lands a brilliant left shot on Martinez

Galahad has Martinez backed onto the ropes, landing good combinations

Martinez looks wobbly, backing himself into a corner

Galahad is doing well to keep Martinez at a distance

Round 1 Ends

A solid first round for Galahad as he looked to have Martinez on wobbly legs early on

Round 2 Begins

Martinez is trying to up the pressure on Galahad but the defending champion is in control

An overhand right from Kiko sees Galahad take a step back

Another great combination from Galahad

Galahad is doing well at keeping his opponent away with the jab, and pouncing with lethal combinations

Martinez is made to miss again by Galahad’s good defence

Galahad ends the round with a nice right shot to the head on Kiko

Round 2 Ends

Another round to the man from Sheffield, as Galahad looks comfortable and in total control so far

Round 3 Begins

Kiko comes out with urgency and leaves himself open for Galahad’s counter

Great right hook from Galahad as he swithces to southpaw

Brilliant slip from Galahad, making Kiko miss again

Galahad is keeping Martinez away with great defence and countering the Spaniard efficiently

A cut has opened up on Kiko Martinez’s right eye

Round 3 Ends

Martinez’s corner will need to get that cut under control ASAP

Another round in favour of Galahad

Round 4 Begins

Galahad getting behind the jab, and defending Kiko’s shots nicely

Galahad continues to counter the Spaniard with ease

Powerful bodyshot from Galahad on the back foot

Kiko is struggling to find openings as Galahad continues to land shots on him

Round 4 Ends

Galahad’s combinations are really causing problems for Kiko

Round 5 Begins

Martinez comes firing out of the blocks once again

But the Brit remains in control

Martinez is trying to land bombs on Galahad but he is not having much success

Martinez tries to push Galahad onto the ropes

Knockdown! Kid Galahad is down! What a shot from Martinez as he drops his opponent!

Round 5 Ends

Fantastic shot from Martinez to drop Galahad.

Round 6 Begins

The Fight is waved off! Martinez drops Galahad again and the referee stops the fight!

Kiko Martinez has stunned Kid Galahad and knocked him out six seconds into the sixth round! Incredible!
What an absoloutely unbelievable finish to the fight, as Martinez defies the odds and turns the fight on its head to knock out Galahad in the sixth round, and end his reign as champion at the first hurdle
Kiko Martinez is the new IBF Featherweight champion of the world!

That will go down as one of the biggest upsets in boxing this year without a doubt!

Kid Galahad looked to be cruising, and clearly got too comfortable in there against Kiko, and he got punished and badly knocked out by one of Spains best ever boxers.

Thank you for joining us on Overtime for tonight’s Featherweight Championship fight, and it’s one we won’t soon forget!

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