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After a tight affair between the fighters two months ago, which resulted in a draw, it was clear that Mark Heffron and Denzel Bentley would meet again very soon. Heffron has just the one loss to his name going into this fight and will be looking to keep it that way as he is up against a boxer three years his junior, with only three years in the ring. Considering the way the first fight went, it will be interesting to see if either of the fighters have learnt anything and have that little bit extra to leave with the belt, as now they both have the chance to settle the score and prove their worth in a fight which, no matter the result, will almost definitely showcase top-quality boxing.


A really tight first-round finishes as both boxers have shown their skill, with the two men getting numerous body shots in, but the two of them have been precise with their movement and have held back their punches a bit, being more focused on their opponent then themselves. It’s unclear if there was a winner that round and it will be interesting if it proves decisive in the end, considering the result of their last encounter.


The two fighters started the second round completely differently to the first as they both looked to be on the front foot, with Bentley looking the better of the two once the three minutes were up after the man from Battersea left Heffron bruised in the left eye, leaving him open on that side after it looks like his eye started to swell up.


Heffron battles on but Bentley now looks to be edging this fight after damaging Heffron, as he uses it to his advantage to get more and more shots away at Heffron’s blind side. Heffron still looks to fight back, but it’s clear that Bentley is deciding the tempo of this fight at the moment.


Bentley had Heffron on the ropes briefly in the first minute but the Northern warrior got into a better position and now looks to be fighting hard against his opponent. Despite the harm done by Bentley in the second round, Heffron has been holding on, pushing Bentley back with patient play. The man from Oldham looks to get back into this fight but his eye still remains a problem and will carry on aiding Bentley in getting shots past Heffron’s damaged gaze.


Bentley is gifted with the victory after referee ends the fight due to the severity of the swelling on Mark Heffron’s eye. It’s a shame to see the match end this way but it was clear in the four rounds that were fought that Bentley was the deserved winner. It would have been interesting to see what would’ve happened if Heffron didn’t get his injury but, no matter what people say about the fight, there’s no denying that Bentley was superb and was faultless from start to finish.

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