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Its summer 2022, Liverpool have come away with two of a possible four trophies, the reds at the top of the football scene for yet another season. With Emirates FA Cup and Carabao League Cup victories to the Merseyside clubs name, a good year of success for the reds. Disappointment at missed chances of European cup and Premier league glory, but nevertheless challenging for such honours.

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Fast-forward to January 2023 a new year. More of the same from last season expected. Don’t be so sure currently sitting ninth, Liverpool are mid table, with poor results starting them off in the New Year. With loses to Brighton and Brentford most recently being only describable as embarrassing, adding to the continued poor domestic season for the reds. It’s time to think is it Liverpool’s time to rebuild?

That’s exactly what they need. It’s clear that Liverpool still have an attacking threat feared throughout Europe, with the likes of Darwin Nunez, Mohammad Salah, Roberto Firmino, Diogo Jota, Luis Diaz, and new addition Cody Gakpo the talent at the top of the pitch is unmatched when all fit.

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Despite the injuries in the final third, The Liverpool midfield is the issue, it angers me so much as a Liverpool fan, that the reds continue to steam money into buying wingers and strikers but fail to fill our weakest point. The Midfield has lacked since Gini Wijnaldum left at the end of the 2020/2021. The clear fan frustration was evident when Gini spoke to TimesSport he spoke on the Fans abuse towards himself. Gini stated in the interview, “When it went bad, I was the player who they blamed – that I wanted to leave. “On social media, if we lost, I was the one who got the blame. There was a moment when I was like: ‘Wow. If they only knew what I was doing to stay fit and play every game’’. Since the departure of Gini, I have seen my club become sour and really loose its sense of family it boasts so proudly about. The Stadium doesn’t feel the same; with half of the fans tourists not evening knowing the words to the famous; ‘You’ll never walk alone’. Really pulling on this factor when somethings popular everyone wants a taste. My confusion stands with the fact; you lose such a big part of Liverpool but you barely replace him granted it has provided chances for academy players but that is too much pressure. Winning teams have quality joining them season after season; the likes of City despite their dominance always have the backing of their owners in the transfer market; continually strengthening their squad. This is where we differ with the likes of City; they continue to build while Liverpool sit on what is good until a problem becomes clear.  

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FSG have held this attitude of you can spend what you sell; however, you would see a massive difference in the past five years if FSG had chosen to follow the Manchester club. The only reason we have the likes of Virgil van Dijk and Alisson Becker is due the sale of Philippe Coutinho in 2018 to Barcelona. £146 million, yes well spent but fast forward four years, we have an aging midfield, half our midfield might as well live in the medical wing. Why was nothing done? The cracks were clearly there, with this lack of player availability it has seen Klopp stretched when making decisions playing players with no other choice out of position. It’s like our owners see the club as a money-making system; not something to make an investment into and this has seen us go without an accomplished midfielder since the signing of Thiago in 2020; but he was signed on a free and is a regular to the physio.

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The midfield needs to be the main focus and owners Fenway Sports Group need to be behind Jurgen Klopp 100%. However, their minds are clearly elsewhere with FSG’s hunting for a Liverpool buyer reaching the two-month mark. Liverpool’s recent form has had some delusional reds’ fans saying that Klopp should be sacked. Simply no, are you drunk? That’s the exact response I have with regard to these fans. Klopp has rebuilt Liverpool and shown off similar quality of team to the Liverpool of the 70s and 80s; a time when King Kenny rocked the Kop. Klopp needs to be trusted, the German has got us through the squads of Ricky Lambert and Christian Benteke. I’m sure a first disappointing season in seven years is normal. We lost Sadio Mane, and the investment was there with Nunez, but the investment has to be showed throughout the team not just in terms of replacement. Liverpool must fill the issues so weaknesses don’t have the chance to show and that cannot be done without FSG leaving.

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