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A Montpelier resident has called Brighton a haven for petty crime after a serious of unreported crimes have taken place in the area.

Matt Hyde, who lives in Montpelier, had his compost stolen at 2:49pm on Thursday 17th March. He spoke of his frustration. He said: “It’s not the compost but it’s just the fact that he’s willing to get caught on camera. I have two cameras and they’re pretty obvious. He’s obviously quite seasoned at pilfering things. I’ve had two bikes stolen this year really blatantly and my wife had her bike stolen last year on her back garden.” 

The table above shows how most types of crime are more prevalent in the area of Montpelier than the national average. Hyde also raised the issue of whether Brighton is doing enough to fix the issue. He said: “Petty crime is so under penalised, so people rack up hundreds of minor crimes that go un-investigated. I think what’s happened over the last couple years, the police have softened their approach to low level crime.

“There seems to be this constant level of low-level crime. The back of our house gets graffitied all the time. You fill in a police report, get a crime number and get an email saying due to a lack of evidence we will not be taking this further. Because there’s no effort to investigate any of it, it goes unpunished. Brighton just seems to have become a haven for petty crime.”

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