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Score – England 0- 0 Czech Republic 

Team news – 3 changes for England – Lauren James – her 1st senior start, Ella Toone and Demi Stokes start 

Lucy bronze starts and it is her 100th cap.  

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England players take the knee. 

1 – England kicks off – Lauren Hemp is in the centre circle. 

Chloe Kelly crosses and Slajsová safely clears from danger. 

2 – 1st corner kick for Czech, crosses into the box and Cahynová shots goes wayward. 

3 -Lauren James hits the post, first glimpse of the young winger.  

6 – 2nd corner for England could not find anyone, Czech defended well. 

8 – Millie bright launches a through ball to the final third but ball could not find Lauren James on the wide area. 

9 – Chloe Kelly slides a pass into the box, unable to find a teammate. 

10 – Lauren James drives from the wing, squeezes past the #3 but unsuccessfully finding a teammate. 

11 – Alex greenwood finds Fran kirby, great run from kirby but unable to past the Czech defender, intercepts, goes out for a corner. 

12- Chloe Kelly takes the corner and Czech Republic can clear away. 

13- Great team build up from Lucy Bronze with a back heel into Ella Toone.  

14 -Kiera Walsh angles a long ball from midfield. 

15- Free kicks for Czech Republic, Ella Toone fouling. 

17- Svitková fouled by Demi stokes. 

18- Wasteful free kick from Szewieczková , shot goes way over the cross bar.  

19- Lucy bronze starts the attack from Central midfield, passe to Chloe Kelly and finds Ella Toone stretches a toe out but could not get contact. 

22- Stasková could find her shooting boots after her teammate picked out a lovely pass  

23- Lauren Hemp on the wing tries to find Lauren hemp, she shoots on her weaker foot, low powered shoot to the Lukásová .  

24 -Kiera Walsh quickly picked up a misplaced pass and spreads the ball to the left side. 

26 – Szewieczková could not keep the ball in play after an overpowered pass. 

28- Czech Republic pulls the shirt of Lauren James, free kick taken by Alex Greenwod and could not connect with Millie bright. 

30- Fran Kirby unable to find Lauren James in the box. 

31- Czech Republic are not connected when they are in ball possession and not holding on the ball for very long, England are easily retrieving the ball.  

33- Shot blocked by England. 

34- Lucy bronze falls and redeems herself and passes to Ella Toone. 

36- Lauren James is out of room, ball goes out of play and throw in for Czech. 

38- Lucy bronze crosses lovely and finds Chloe Kelly into the box, she headers wide. 

39 -Mary Earps calmly claim shoot by Stasková, England were careless in their own area and Czech pounced on the opportunity. 

41- Lauren James dinks a ball into Fran Kirby, she is unable to get a shot on target.  

42- Lauren hemp runs out of the space after receiving a ball from Lucy Bronze. 

43- Chloe Kelly drives into the box, finds Lauren James.  

44 -Corner for England, header failed from Chloe Kelly.  

45- No addition time  

Half time England 0 v 0 Czech Republic  

Half time- England substitution – Beth mead replaces Chloe Kelly. 

46- Second half resumes, Stasková kicks off. 

47- Demi Stokes pass perfectly, finds Fran Kirby but unable to shot. 

50- Lauren Hemp’s header goes over the post, crossed by Beth Mead on the right side. 

51- Fran Kirby received another pass but still cannot sort out her feet. 

52- #11 Czech Republic shoots on her right side from long range, doesn’t test Mary Earps. 

53- Beth mead unable to beat the offside trap. 

54- #18 Czech outside the box, her left side shot is blocked. 

55- Millie Bright accurate spots in Beth Mead with an excellent run into the box but Czech blocked Beth’s path. 

58- Demi stokes with a decent cross from the left side but no one player could reach.  

59- OFF THE POST! Lauren hemps chips the goalkeeper and hits the lower part of the left post.  

Double substitute – Lauren James and Millie bright comes off, Ebony salmon and Esme Morgan replaces 

60 -no 6 from Czech crossed, unable to find a teammate. 

67- Beth Mead helps her out defensive teammates and calmy clears out. 

68 -Demi stokes with another cross but overpowered, unable to find a teammate. 

74- Double substitute – Injury for Czech Republic – no. 5 replaces no2 and No. 21 replaces no.9 

75 -Ella Toone with great play on the right side, crosses and no one found.  

76 -Crowd is becoming anxious, chanting “England” repeatedly.  

77- Beth Mead crosses and the ball does not meet anyone in the box, Goal kick for Czech Republic. 

78 -Beth mead strong challenge in her own half, goes out for corner kick for Czech, corner taken poorly. 

80- Alex greenwood beautiful through ball finds Beth mead, she shoots on her left side and great save by Lukásová. 

83 -England Substitute Rachel Daly replaces Demi Stokes. 

85- Kirby left footed curl outside of the box, great save from Lukásová corner for England. 

87 -Corner taken by Alex Greenwood but could not find a teammate. 

88 -Fran Kirby passes to Beth Mead in the box, her shot is deflected and goes for an England corner. 

4 added minutes on 

90 -Svitková almost received the cross from her teammate, Alex greenwood headers away from danger. 

91- Lucy Bronze crosses outside of the box right side and no way through the Czech Republic resilient defence.  

93 -Fran Kirby’s low driven cross from the right-hand side, once again no one is there 

94 – Mrázová on the left side unable to find a teammate, lucy bronze easily clears the danger.  

Full time – England vs Czech Republic 0-0 

Match summary  

England remained unbeaten under Sarina Weigman but ends a 15-game winning streak. England could not find a way through this resilient Czech Republic defence. Lauren James was a livewire throughout the game in her first senior start for Lionesses. She and Lauren Hemp hit the post in each half, those were the closest chances England had to score. Czech Republic defended well when needed to and had attempts to scare the England defence. England will be disappointed about the finishing and lack of quality in the final third as they are normally clinical in front of goal. It ends in a stalemate; this is only the 2nd time they have not scored. 

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