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Time is nearly up for the Eastbourne campus as in 2024 the campus and university will be closed and all lectures and courses will be moved to Falmer and Moulsecoomb where the other two campuses will be welcoming over 1000 students.

While many students here will not be facing the effects 2nd year student Emil who is studying Physio and will be one of the ones affected from the change, he said “As a foreign student studying in the UK it’s a struggle to get accommodation and I was lucky to have found 4 students that were willing to live with me but they won’t be here with me and accommodation will be tough” With the influx of over 1000 students moving to the other two campuses it will be an even bigger struggle to accommodate everyone within their halls.

This year saw the start of the movement with some courses moving to Moulsecoomb such as the journalism course and the movement was brought with some backlash as students who had already put deposits on houses. The decision was made in the middle of the term last year that would be the start of leaving Eastbourne.

It would also be a look to a more positive way though after both campuses are looking to improve facilities to accommodate all courses and will be ready by the 2024/25 academic year and these new and improved facilities will be able to help lecturers teach lectures better.

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