Author: Eliot Goodyer

English Football’s Sigh of Relief

Tweet English football dodged a bullet when the verdict regarding Project Big Picture was announced. Even though the project was vetoed, it is still more than worthwhile to expose and examine the greed and underhand intentions of those at the top of the pyramid – namely Liverpool and Manchester United. […]

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Is It Copa Libertadores Time?

Tweet Despite the lucrative TV deals negotiated annually in this country, one thing remains the same: South American football is still nowhere to be seen. British viewers have been given a taste of what the game is all about there in recent times though, thanks to the screenings of the […]

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Review: Diego Maradona (2019 Film) – The Compelling Tale of a True Genius. ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Eliot Goodyer reviews the Channel 4 documentary Diego Maradona which charts the Argentinian maestro’s career.

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