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Americans are urging each other to stay at home this week and the days following the presidential election results to stay safe. Twitter has been flooded with messages warning of a possible surge in violence – especially towards people of colour, Muslim people, and LGBTQIA+ people – regardless of the election’s outcome.

Twitter users are saying that they are “terrified” and that “there will be violence”. Some are even saying their supervisors at work let them go home early – before election results could be announced – to keep them safe, or are sending out advice on how to stay safe during election.

User @ItsDanaWhite appealed: “Black people, check if your mothers have groceries, medication, etc to last a week.”

While people fear that any election outcome could radicalise the masses this year, a Washington Post journalist posted a video of a crowd chanting “Stop the count” on Twitter, with some people seen with their fist in the air. This came after Donald Trump’s claim that postal ballots were fraudulent and should not be counted.

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