Day: October 28, 2021

OPINION: Steroids, the stigma and the dated narrative

Tweet Anabolic steroids, despite their dangers, have found themselves an ever-growing niche market in the fitness industry, with their purpose now going far beyond bodybuilding competitions. In modern society, there is an increasing focus on the aesthetic of the individual, with social media and personal ‘image’ having a perceptually large […]

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Bruno v Tyson review –‘The story of one of Britains most beloved fighters against the baddest man on the planet.’

Tweet 32 years ago two of the best heavyweights in the world went to war. A young fiery undefeated Mike Tyson was drawing attention from all over the globe, knocking out majority of his opponents in brutal fashion and becoming the youngest heavyweight champion at the tender age of 20. […]

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The Last Dance – How Malpractice made the Docuseries.

Tweet On April 19th 2020, ESPN took us on a deep dive into one of the most honoured dynasties in sports history: The Chicago Bulls. More importantly, ESPN looked at the career of Michael Jordan. There was huge anticipation for it after the trailer in December, showing the star-studded list […]

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Opinion: Fan Hate for Wilfried Zaha is Born From Jealousy

Tweet Wilfried Zaha is booed and jeered at every ground he goes to across the country. Whether he’s even played a game against the team he’s playing, or regardless of his record against them, boos ring around the ground every time the winger touches the ball. ‘Diver,’ ‘cry baby,’ ‘I […]

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