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Northern Ireland vs Faroe Islands –

Lineups –

Northern Ireland – Jacqueline Burns, Julie Nelson, Ashley Hutton, Sarah McFadden, Marissa Callaghan, Nadene Caldwell, Chloe McCarron, Rachel Furness, Lauren Wade, Kirsty McGuinness, Emily Wilson

Substitutes – Becky Flaherty, Rebecca McKenna, Abbie Magee, Toni Leigh Finnegan, Samantha Kelly, Joely Andrews, Caitlin McGuinness, Danielle Maxwell, Kerry Anne Beattie, Ciara Sherwood, Lauren Perry

Faroe Islands – Óluva Joensen, Ásla Johannesen, Birita Ryan, Jacoba Langgaard, Sanna Jacobsen, Elisabet Vang, Julia Naomi Mortensen, Kára Djurhuus, Sara Lamhauge, Jensa Kannuberg Tórolvsdóttir, Olga Kristina Hansen

Substitutes – Marita á Fríðriksmørk Jarnskor, Durita Hummeland, Eyðgerð Mikkelsen, Maria Á Lakjuni, Mona Rasmusdóttir, Hanna Lamhauge Jacobsen, Sarita Mittfoss, Lea Símunardóttir Lisberg, Olga Frídunn Olsen

Kick off –

3″ GOAL! Northern Ireland 0 – 1 Faroe Islands – Beautifully played in. Jensa Kannuberg Tórolvsdóttir ‘s shot blocked and number 13 gets in behind to slide the ball in the back of the net.

That goal is the first goal that Faroe Island has scored all campaign. Makes Northern Ireland’s job a lot harder considering they need to win this one.

5″ GOAL! Northern Island 1 – 1 Faroe Islands. Corner comes in following the corner. A scrappy tussle in the box and the ball eventually ends up in the back of the net. Rachel Furness claims it

8″ A great ball over the top makes its way to number — who’s shot is saved nicely. Northern Ireland creating lots of chances. Going one down hasn’t seemed to effect them too much

21″ Julie Nelson long balls are looking dangerous tonight. In this instance she finds Kirsty McGuiness. Her header down finds Emily Wilson which is well saved

26″ GOAL! Northern Ireland 2 – 1 Faroe Islands. McGuiness picks up the ball from outside the box and outstandingly curls it into the far post. A brilliant goal to give them the lead.

37″ Lovely play from Nelson as she gets in quickly. Pass and move from the Northern Ireland side. The ending shot is poor. Northern Ireland putting a lot of pressure on the Faroe Islands now.

42″ Good chance for Northern Ireland again McGuiness whips the ball in and number 10’s header goes just over the top. Northern Ireland certainly on top in this one.

Half Time – Northern Ireland 2 – 1 Faroe Islands.

Been an interesting half but Northern Ireland certainly the team looking more in control between the two sides. Faroe Island’s got a shocking lead early on but Northern Island comfortably turned the game around. They are in control going into the second half and as it stands they are the team going through.

Second Half kicks off

47″ Callaghan misses an outstanding effort. Northern Ireland push up the field and the ball ends up with Callaghan after a glancing McGuinness header. She has a go on the half volley in a position that should go on target if not in the back of the net. It goes wide

54″ GOAL! Northern Ireland 3-1 Faroe Islands. An absolute screamer from Chloe McCarron increases the Northern Ireland lead.

63″ Double substitution for Northern Ireland here. Caitlin McGuinness and Samantha Kelly coming on for Emily Wilson and Ashley Hutton

70″ Double substitution for Faroe Islands now. Julia Naomi Mortensen and Olga Kristina Hansen come off for Lea Símunardóttir Lisberg and Mona Rasmusdóttir

75″ Another good chance from outside the box from Samantha Kelly. She had plenty of time on the edge of the box and her shot is saved well. Very close effort.

76″ GOAL! Northern Ireland 4 – 1 Faroe Islands. Corner comes in poorly really and ends up and ends up with Rachel Furness. Her shot is blocked but it falls for Caitlin McGuinness who taps it home

Both McGuinness sisters are now on the score sheet. Caitlin and Kirsty McGuinness both getting on the score sheet

82″ Number 11 ran through well and had a great shot. Well saved

84″ Double substitution for Northern Ireland. Marissa Callaghan and Lauren Wade come off for Toni Leigh Finnegan and Danielle Maxwell

86″ GOAL! Northern Ireland 5 – 1 Faroe Islands. Rachel Furness finds the back of the net and makes Northern Ireland victory a certainty. The corner was played deep and she gets the ball in from a tight angle.

90+4″ A freekick from very far out gives us the final chance of the game. Furness has a go from distance but the ball goes just wide.

FULL TIME – Northern Ireland 5 – 1 Faroe Islands.

The full time whistle blows and Northern Ireland go on to the playoffs after a fantastic and very dominant performance.

Wales vs Belarus –

Lineups –

Kick Off

10″ Ffion Morgan puts a stunning cross in for Natasha Harding. Her header going wide but saved well. Corner for Wales

14″ Wales 1 – 0 Belarus. Jess Fishlock beats her defender well and plays the ball into Harding. Harding scuffed the first ball but recovers the ball and slides it nicely into the back of the net.

Wales have a brilliant goal difference of +10 so I think we can guarantee plenty of goals from them here tonight. This goal is just a brilliant start for them. They will hope that that may help them

24″ Sophie Ingle takes a shot from way outside the box after the Belarus defence stand off. Straight at the keeper but I’m sure they will close her down quicker next time

26″ Substitution for Belarus. Karina Olkhovik comes off for Tatyana Krasnova. Doesn’t seem like she has an injury so must be an early tactical switch. An interesting change.

30″ Outstanding play from Wales makes a big chance. Fishlock’s cross comes in and find’s Morgan who’s header hits the post. So unlucky. Wales in control.

34″ GOAL! Wales 2-0 Belarus. What A Goal! Lovely play for Wales and a 1-2 between Rachel Rowe and Angharad James ends with a brilliant shot on goal from Rowe which swerves into the back of the net. Into the side netting. Outstanding!

36″ First chance of the game for Belarus. A defensive error at the back for Wales leads to a decent Belarus shot. It is easily saved by O’Sullivan though.

Belarus getting more into this one here creating more chances and getting on the ball a bit more. Wales still appear comfortable in this one though and don’t look like they will let the lead slip.

Half Time – Wales 2 – 0 Belarus

Wales are the side more in control for sure in this one. Chance after chance and two wonderful goals. They are as it stands still going out with Northern Island winning as well in their game but they do look very comfortable and in control.

Before the second half kicks off Belarus make a change. Ksenia Kubichnaya coming off for Anastasiya Shlapakova.

Second Half kicks off

As it stands Wales aren’t getting their second place with Northern Island playing well. It has still been an outstanding performance from Wales who are definetly playing well.

58″ Belarus win a freekick in a great position. Anastasiya Schcherbachenya smashes it and it hits the bar. Anastasiya Novikova gets a header away and it goes wide. Great chance to score for Belarus.

71″ Penalty for Wales. Natasha Harding turns well and it is a clear penalty as number 3 goes into the back of her. Chance for Wales to increase their lead.

72″ GOAL! Wales 3-0 Belarus. The penalty is converted well by Number 10. Right in the corner and gives no chance to

72″ Belarus substitution. Anastasia Shuppo off for Melana Surovtseva.

77″ Wales Substitution. Ffion Morgan coming off for Georgia Walters.

80″ Chance for Wales to increase their lead. Number 19 drives at the Belarus defence and has a go from outside the box. Just over the bar.

The full time whistle blows in Northern Ireland meaning that they go through to the playoffs and Wales crash out. They have played well today against Belarus and certainly been dominant. Not their day in the group however.

87″ Three substitutions now for Wales as they look to finish the game. Natasha Harding, Rachel Rowe and Jess Fishlock coming off for Gemma Evans, Kayleigh Green and Nadia Lawrence.

87″ Two substitution for Belarus as well again to finish the game off. Anastasiya Schcherbachenya and Anastasia Linnik off for Anastasiya Kharlanova, Anna Sas

90+1″ Chance for Belarus. Well saved by

FULL TIME! Wales 3 – 0 Belarus

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