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Never did I think that reaching 10,000 steps or scrutinising my sleep quality would become such an integral part of my life.

Since getting a Fitbit, it has.

I was always in two minds about getting one because I loved – and still love – my ‘old’ watch. It was my Mum who managed to convince me.

I remember when we went on holiday to Disneyland Florida in 2019, a holiday I am even more grateful I experienced considering the current circumstances. My mum was smashing her daily step goal (10,000) most days where we were walking around the theme parks.

But one day we spent it around the pool, so a considerably lazier day for the type of holiday, and it was approaching the end of the evening when Mum started pacing up and down the hotel room.

“What are you doing?” we all laughed at her.

“I’ve got to reach my 10,000 steps!” she replied.

I never understood it at the time – but now I do. If my Fitbit doesn’t vibrate at any point in the day to alert me I’ve made it to 10,000 steps, I feel like I’ve failed!

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I need to up my game today!

It might be a bit much to say that getting a Fitbit has changed my life, but it’s undoubtedly improved my fitness and my outlook on health and wellbeing. I should add here it’s not that I didn’t think health and fitness were important before, but I am much more aware of it now.

I am definitely walking more. Having a dog helped that anyway, and so have the lockdowns, but getting to those 10,000 daily steps is crucial for me!

I have been exercising regularly or trying to anyway, and feeling much better for it. I have even bought some weights; I mean they’re not anything to write home about but I’m hoping they’ll help me build up a little more muscular endurance (not strength, I’m convinced I’ll never have that)! Hula-hooping with a weighted hoop is still proving to be my favourite cardio activity and I’m determined to get back into running after a few months of being unmotivated with it!

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I’m drinking more water too, which is something I was really bad at before. I laughed at Charlie and Ollie when they first showed me their Hydrate bottles. They are 2.2 litres and just looked far too big to be drinking out of. I caved in and bought one though and now I can confirm two things 1) I am weeing for England but it’s worth it because 2) I feel so much more hydrated and not getting as many headaches!

I have also never taken more interest in the sleep stages, heart rate zones and cardiovascular fitness. Fitbit provides so many detailed statistics and insights that it’s hard not to become so utterly engrossed.

I now look back at my Mum pacing up and down the hotel room in Florida, trying to get to 10,000 steps, and I want to go back, not laugh, and say: “I need to get there too!”

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