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With San Antonio Spurs demolishing the Denver Nuggets last night and clinching the final Play-In spot knocking the Lakers out and being the second time since Lebron James joined the Lakers in 2018 and after a rough night of Basketball against the Phoenix Suns the L.A Lakers were now confirmed that they would not feature in this years Play-In tournament. After all the hype around Lebron James and his teammates at the start of the season where did it all go wrong for the Lakers this year?

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Lebron final run

At the start of the season Lebron look to have put a quality team together with the additions of Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony the Lakers had pundits and Hall of famers quoting that they could be an unstoppable force this year. But the look of a fearsome team collapsed very quickly with Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard clashing at the start of the season and fans calling for Westbrook to be traded only 6 months after joining.

Lebron was prompted to carry the team on his own with his average being 30 PPG, 8 RPG and 6 APG he looked to be the only one on the team wanting to create an impact. However, further arguments lead to Rajon Rondo being traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers for draft rights, but this wasn’t the only issue for Frank Vogel and his side, with Westbrook and Malik Monk causing issues in the locker room.

The whole recap of the Lakers poor season

Lebron and Davis never linked up

Another issue for the Lakers this season was that Lebron and Anthony Davis never linked up and found that connection that fans had been hoping for, with one always being out for a considerable amount of time. The connection could have helped them to the Play-In or even maybe the Play-Offs this year but it wasn’t meant to be.

After so many trades and making Davis one of the franchise player for the Lakers there had to be some return on the court and so far has been very underwhelming with his injuries setting him back further.

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What does it mean for the Lakers?

After a long season is it time for Lebron to call his time on basketball? Lebron could exit the league after 19 years in the league and injuries faulting his hopes for All star this year could time be up for him? Also does this then mean that Anthony Davis could be the face of the Lakers?

While Frank Vogel looks to be out of a job in the off season after rumoured talks with Quin Snyder and Doc Rivers being considered for the role but it will take more than a change in the coaching staff with older players on big contracts and more players are not looking like they will reach the standard that they once thought was possible. It will take a massive rebuild for the Lakers to look promising and fearsome again.

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