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Must win for both the home nations sides as a win will help them qualify for the women’s European Championship in 2021. Both sides are looking for the playoff place in group C. If Northern Ireland win they qualify for the playoffs for the European championship.

Northern Ireland side tonight.

The Faroe Island side today is very inexperienced with their captain

The Northern Ireland game is about to start as they kick off before the game in Wales.

The game has kicked off tonight.

Min 2: The Northern Ireland side has started well and looking to dominate the game today.

Min 4 GOAL FOR THE FAROE ISLANDS: A shock goal as the away side takes the lead against Northern Island with Jensa Kannuberg Tórolvsdóttir scoring the goal who was able calmly finish the chance she had inside the Northern Ireland penalty area.

Min 7: GOAL FOR NORTHERN IRELAND: The home side are back in the game after scoring from a scrappy corner. Rachel Furness was the player who put the ball in the back off the net.

The game is Wales will be kicking off soon

Min 10: Northern Ireland will be happy with how things are going as they are dominating the game.

The game in Wales has kicked off.

Min 14: The Faroe Islands have been impressive considering their recent form. It was a surprise to everyone watching as

Min 4: The welsh side are relaxed at the moment not letting the Belarus side score an early goal as they need to win.

Min 18: Northern Ireland are being patient at the moment as they are getting a lot of possession but haven’t been able to take the lead yet.

Min 22: Emily Willson had a chance for Northern Ireland but her shot went straight to Óluva Joensen in the Faroe Ireland’s goal.

Min 10: Wales had their first chance in the game

Min 27: GOAL FOR NORTHERN IRELAND: Kirsty McGuinness scores for Northern Ireland who cut inside and curled the ball into the Faroe Islands net.

Min 14: GOAL FOR WALES: Natasha Harding has scored the goal that has but Wales in the lead who finished the chance with her second attempt.

As things stand Northern Ireland will qualify for the playoffs in the European Championship.

Min 31: Northern Ireland are dominating the game and are looking comfortable in qualifying for the playoffs.

Min 19: Wales are doing everything they can as they are winning and are in complete control in the game against Belarus.

Min 24: Long shot from Ingle for Wales but goes straight at Nataliya Voskobovich.

Min 37: Northern Ireland will be hoping to get a third goal and increase their lead over the Faroe Island’s to give them some breathing room.

Min 27: SUBSTITUTION FOR BELARUS. Karina Olkhovik is off for Tatyana Krasnova.

Min 31: WALES HITS THE POST: Good move from Wales as they ball goes to Ffion Morgan who hits the post with a header.

Min 42: Northern Ireland are not creating a many chance as they would have wanted to.

Half time in Northern Ireland as the home side are winning 2-1. As things this Northern Ireland will qualify for the playoffs.

Min 34: GOAL FOR WALES: Rachel Rowe doubles the lead with what looks like a cross as it flew over the goal keepers head and the Welsh lead has doubled.

Northern Ireland has dominated the so far after going a goal down early on thanks to a goal from Tórolvsdóttir. The home side was able to respond to as they are winning the game thanks to goals from Furness and McGuinness

Min 38: Wales has played well today and are winning the game like they have to if they got a chance in qualifying for the playoffs.

Min 43: The Belarus side have been able to break in the Wales final third a few times but cannot get a clear chance on goal yet.

Half time in Wales with the home side winning 2-0.

Second half in Northern Ireland has started.

Min 47: First chance in the second half for Northern Ireland with Mcguinness shot being saved by the Faroe Island saved by the goal keeper with Marissa Callaghan having a chance to score the rebound but couldn’t finish the chance.

Wales played well in the first half as they are winning thanks to goals from Harding and Rowe. Wales has been in control of the game as they have also hit the post twice already today.

Min 52: Northern Ireland has dominated the second half so fair.

Min 56: GOAL FOR NORTHERN IRELAND. Chloe McCarron scores a goal from an outside the area as the ball goes into the top corner. Brilliant finish from McCarron as the goal almost guarantees Northern Ireland’s qualification for the playoffs

The second half in Wales has started. Looks unlikely that Wales will qualify for the European Championship.

Belarus has made a substitution at half time with Ksenia Kubichnaya off for Anastasiya Shlapakova

Min 60: Northern Ireland are 30 minutes away from qualifying for the European Championship playoffs unless they collapse.

Min 50: Wales has started the second half the same as the first half as they are in control of the game at the moment and look comfortable against Belarus.

Min 63: SUBSTITUTIONS FOR NORTHERN IRELAND: Samantha Kelly and Catlin McGuinness on for Ashley Hutton and Emily Wilson.

Min 54: Wales are playing well today however they haven’t created a significant chance in the second half yet. It looks like Wales won’t be qualifying for the European Championship thanks to the results in Northern Ireland.

Min 59: Anastasiya Schcherbachenya hits the bar for Belarus from a free kick with Belarus side not being able to score the rebound.

Min 70: Substituon for the Faroe Islands: Julia Naomi Mortensen and Olga Kristina Hansen off for Lea Símunardóttir Lisberg and Mona Rasmusdóttir

Min 75: Shot from Kelly outside the penalty area but the shot was tipped over the bar.

Min 76 SUBSTITUTION FOR NORTHERN IRELAND: Nadene Caldwell off for Joely Andrews.

Min 77: GOAL FOR NORTHERN IRELAND: Both the McGuinness’s sisters has score tonight as Catlin McGuinness scored as the ball fell to her from a corner and she fired the ball into the Faroe Island’s goal.

Min 65: Wales have dropped off in the second half as they are not creating has many chances as they did in the first half.

Min 80: Ten minutes left for Northern Ireland who recovered from conceding early on in the game and are winning comfortably.

Min 70: Substitution for Wales as Charlie Estcourt has come off for Lily Woodham.

Min 71: PENALTY FOR WALES. The home side win a clear penalty as Anastasia Linnik picks up a yellow card for the foul

Min 72: GOAL FOR WALES: Fishlock smashes the ball into the bottom corner which gives her side a three goal lead.

Substitution for Belarus as Anastasia Shuppo is off for Melana Surovtseva.

Min 84: Substitutions for Northern Ireland with Lauren Wade and Callaghan off for Danielle Maxwell and Toni Leigh Finnegan.

Min 86: GOAL FOR NORTHERN IRELAND: Furness scores from a corner as she made a run to the back post to finish the chance.

Min 79: Substitution for Wales: Ffion Morgan is off for Georgia Walters.

Min 88: Substitutions for Faroe Islands: Sara Lamhauge and Kára Djurhuus is off for Durita Hummeland and Sarita Mittfoss.

Full time in Northern Ireland as they win 5-1 against the Faroe Island’s and qualify for the playoffs.

Min 85: Wales will be hoping to keep a clean sheet in todays game as they cannot qualify for the playoffs.

Min 88: Substitutions for Wales as Rowe, Fishlock and Harding are off as Kayleigh Green, Gemma Evans and Nadia Lawrence are coming on.

Min 89: Substitutions for Belarus: Anastasia Linnik and Anastasiya Schcherbachenya are off for Anna Sas and Anastasiya Kharlanova.

Full time in Wales as the home side win 3-0.

Thanks to Northern Ireland’s win against the Faroe Island’s they have qualified for the playoffs. Wales’s win meant nothing as they have failed to qualify for the European Championship.

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