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By Freddie Fenton, Lottie Donegan, Jordane Gregoire and Toby Hasleham.

We spoke to the general public around Brighton university about their thoughts on YouTube sporting events. We interviewed numerous people on this topic for example, Olly Withers and Gabby Clark (both 19). Jordane the interviewer started the questions off with asking, “do you know about the sidemen?” with both of them responding “yes”. Jordane then asks, “you guys know about the sidemen and if so what do you think about them”, Gabby replies with “money, just for money really”, “Do you think that’s becoming more people to watch it”? Gabby replies again with “yes”. Jordane’s next question ” as it is mainly football are there any other sports you would like to see that they haven’t done as much yet?” Olly replies with, ” I would of said boxing but that’s sort of getting monetised by YouTube so I would like something like MMA”. He then went onto say specific Youtubers “maybe gym youtubers like Chris Fox”.

Another member of the public , Nmar Alti (aged 19) was asked about his thoughts on you tube sports events. Jordane the trainee reporter for the university of Brighton opened up the interview with asking if he knew of any youtubers himself to gather a understanding of Nmar knowledge pf the you tube sporting industry, Nmar replied with ‘i know all about the you tube boxing scene there is lots of diffrent stuff involved within.’ Nmar continued to go on about how he thinks that social media within you tube is a good thing and brings viewers he thinks this is as he said ‘ you have you tuber fighting Mayweather within the industry’. as Mayweather is a big name in the boxing you tubers fighting him would bring population and entertainment.

Ethan Tourle, 19.

J-Hi Ethan, the hot topic today is do youtubers have an influence in the sports industry.

 What was the most recent event you watched? more specifically any sports ones like the charity match? What do you think about it?

E- it was great, it was entertaining, I think it was for a good cause and raised a lot of money.

J- Do you think it will be successful going forward or….?E- I think it’s a good idea because firstly I know as much as there is an older audience watching things like that, there’s also younger audience and its good for kids to watch that, raising money for charity and also just being able to watch a fun game of football with people who are friendly and nice to each other.

Gareth  Wourt , 22

Jordane – Hi I’m a trainee reporter at the University of Brighton 

Jordane – what’s your name ?

Gareth – Nice to meet you 

Jordane- Gareth nice to meet you , umm the hot topic for today is Youtubers having an influence at the sporting industry ,

do you have any youtubers at the moment ?

Gareth – not particularly 

Jordane – not really , did you watch the recent Sidemen football match 

Gareth – no I watched the highlights of it

Jordane – what did you think about it ? 

gareth – yeah interesting fun game , competitive 

Jordane – do you think that will be successful moving forward ?

Gareth – yeah it will get people more involved in sports, a good cause for charity 

The general response from our interviews were positive and everyone interviewed had an idea of what sporting events have been happen on You Tube.

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