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Ultimate Boxxer is back with its seventh event and tournament. Live on BT Sport and ITV4 it means that fight fans are able to view this event live for free and we are in for a treat I am sure tonight.

Originally there was supposed to be three undercard fights on the show but due to a positive COVID-19 test, Derrick Osaze vs John Telford was forced to be cancelled. One of the super-middleweight fighters involved in the tournament also tested positive meaning that Ben Ridings will be unable to fight. He is replaced by Vladimir Georgiev.

Now the card is made up of two undercard fights as well as a knockout style tournament in order to crown the winner of the Ultimate Boxxer golden robe. Zak Chelli (7-1-1, 3KOs), Harry Woods (4-0), Mike McGoldrick (6-0, 2KOs) and, newly announced, Georgiev (4-0) are the fighters in the super-middleweight tournament looking to claim the prestigious title.

The Fights –

Mikael Lawal v Ossie Jervier (6×3 cruiserweight)

Florian Marku v Muma Mweemba (6×3 welterweight)

Semi Final one – Zak Chelli v Vladimir Georgiev (3×3 super-middleweight)

Semi Final two – Harry Woods v Mike McGoldrick (3×3 super-middleweight)

Final – Winner of Semi-Final one v Winner of Semi-Final two (3×3 super-middleweight)

Mikael Lawal v Ossie Jervier (Undercard)

Round 1 – The first three minutes were dominated by Lawal. Lots of shots coming out fast. He is throwing his jab a lot and almost keeping Jervier at bay. On a couple of occasions, he landed some big body shots and is showing his speed with some fast shots. Jervier did land a couple of jabs but he is definitely on the back foot going into the second.

Round 2 – Lawal using his reach to his advantage yet again keeping Jervier away. He is landing some big shots to the head and body as well. Right as the round ends Jervier is caught by a big right hand and he ended up on the mat. It isn’t called as a knockdown by the referee though who sees it more as a push. Might this affect Jervier’s confidence going into the rest of this one though?

Round 3 – Jervier getting more into this one in this round but the fight is still dominated by Lawal who is throwing and landing more often than not. Lawal was caught off balance which led to a decent exchange in the middle of the round but that came to nothing. Both fighters seem to be turning up the heat by throwing some bigger shots. We head into the later stages of this fight and it is bound to be interesting.

Round 4 – More and more big shots are being thrown. Lawal was dominating but as the round went on Jervier began to put pressure on Lawal. Could make for an interesting last two rounds with Jervier seemingly getting more and more into this one. But is it a case of too little too late with Lawal certainly winning the earlier rounds?

Round 5 – Lawal continues to dominate and at this stage, it is clear that if it goes the distance he will probably win the fight. He continues to throw fast and very decent punches, many of which land. If Jervier is to win this fight he is going to need to end it in this final round.

Round 6 – The fight goes the distance! In the final round, Lawal continued to throw big punches and put lots of pressure on Jervier who hasn’t really turned up to this one. Lawal has shown his class with some huge shots, especially in this round and I would assume it is enough to win him the fight. Jervier has been dominated. Even when Jervier has had decent flurries where he has landed shots it may not be enough for him.

Winner: Mikael Lawal – 60-54 – Overall a very good performance from Lawal who dominated the whole fight and gave Jervier no chance.

Zak Chelli v Vladimir Georgiev – Semi Final One

Round 1 – A good first round from both fighters but Chelli is clearly the dominant of the two. Chelli has fired some good shots keeping Georgiev in the pocket. Georgiev seems to be taking this fight differently almost as if there are more rounds than the scheduled three.

Round 2 – Chelli certainly in control in the second round. He is putting Georgiev under a lot of pressure by firing big shots. Georgiev almost unknowing of what to do as he is being dominated in this fight. Maybe Chelli will go for the knockout as we go into the final round to emphasise this fantastic fight performance.

Round 3 – The round comes to an end and Chelli continues to dominate the fight. I think he will get to the final with comfort. Chelli fired huge shots with a lot of power behind them. Georgiev was on the back foot from the beginning and couldn’t really get into the fight.

Winner: Zac Chelli – 30-27 – A decent performance from the tournament’s favourite who heads to the final with conviction. A very impressive performance. He means business.

Harry Woods v Mike McGoldrick – Semi Final Two

Round 1 – The first round is very even with both fighters landing big shots on many occasions. Back and forth action as well. It is hard to tell who won the round. It appears McGoldrick landed the heavier strikes but Woods is definitely not backing down. It’s bound to be an interesting fight if it continues in this fashion.

Round 2 – Once again a very close round in this one, making for an entertaining fight and heads up an exciting prospect for the final round. McGoldrick may have just nicked this round landing more big shots but it is very close. This could certainly go either way.

Round 3 – The final round matches the first two rounds of this fight. This has been a fantastic fight and could go either way. They were just standing close range and swinging for one another by the end. As mentioned it could go either way with both fighters landing some very decent and heavy shots.

Winner: Mike McGoldrick – 29-28, 29-28, 30-27 – A close fight and certainly the best fight of the night so far. It could have gone either way but McGoldrick will feel as though he deserved it for sure. He advances to the final and will face Chelli in the final later in the night.

Florian Marku v Muma Mweemba (Undercard)

Round 1 – The round is cut short as Marku dominates and wins the fight in the first round. Three knockdowns are enough to make the referee stop the fight. The first knockdown was the beginning of the end after a big shot to the temple followed by two body hooks. Mweemba didn’t recover and his legs were clearly gone. A good left hook, the final punch, that finished him. Marku took advantage and finished the fight in under two minutes.

Winner: Florian Marku – TKO – Well deserved win as Marku finishes the fight in the first round. Huge and very impressive performance. Watch out for this guy because he has a lot of hype around him and clearly with good reason.

Zac Chelli v Mike McGoldrick – Final

Round 1 – Huge round for Chelli who much like in his earlier bout is taking control with some heavy shots. McGoldrick is looking tired and is taking a lot of damage. McGoldrick took a huge uppercut to the body which made him drop to his knee. Chelli in control, throwing lots of powerful combinations

Round 2 – The round and the fight called to an end. It was stopped by the referee after multiple great body shots from Chelli. McGoldrick went down twice in the round and it was over. Chelli the deserved winner after breezing through this fight.

Winner – Zac Chelli – TKO – Zac Chelli defeats Mike McGoldrick in impressive fashion by stopping the fight midway through the second round. Not only the winner of two fights on the night but the winner of the super-middleweight tournament.

Chelli awarded with the golden robe after winning the tournament in outstanding fashion. A brilliant fighter with a bright future.

A fantastic night of boxing tonight. Here are all the results: (Winner v Loser)

Mikael Lawal v Ossie Jervier

Zak Chelli v Vladimir Georgiev

Harry Woods v Mike McGoldrick

Florian Marku v Muma Mweemba

Zac Chelli v Mike McGoldrick

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