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A comfortable win for Jose Mourinho’s side this evening as he saw his side boost their qualification hopes with an easy 4-0 victory. While Ludogorets struggled with 8 players missing from coronavirus.

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It was a dominant match with Jose’s team camped in Ludogorets half for most of the game and a double from Carlos Vinicius, a world class finish from Harry Winks and a composed finish from Lucas Moura wrapped up the teams performance

Tottenham’s Ratings:

Joe Hart – 5

Well this man could have gone home for most of the game as he had nothing to do for the whole game and was comfortable for most of it. He had no saves to make nothing.

Matt Doherty – 6

It wasn’t the best of games for Matt Doherty and coming back from coronavirus he wasn’t flying but he still provided the option down the right for Tottenham as he was part of a back four that looked very comfortable from the start but no major impact from him in this game.

Davinson Sanchez – 5

Again not a lot to do at the back him and Tanganga will be happy about keeping a clean sheet but against a blunt attack from Ludogorets and they were not challenged at all throughout the game. He was the one to start the attacks from the back with Tanganga but kept things tight at the back.

Japhet Tanganga – 5

He was also part of the back four that stopped the attack of Ludogorets but nevertheless he kept a clean sheet made tackles when needed and started attacks when playing out from the back but apart from that he didn’t have a lot to do

Ben Davies – 5

Now in my opinion he was probably Tottenham’s weakest link as he didn’t have the best of games tonight he was struggling to pick a man out when attacking down the left. But he still kept a clean sheet but in my opinion he needs to do a lot better than tonight if he wants to make a claim for that first choice left back position

Tanguy Ndombele – 7

This is the Ndombele that Tottenham bout he is starting to become a constant performer for spurs and another solid performance in the midfield he played a big part in Vinicius second goal while also driving the team forward a class act from him and Spurs are now going to have competition for that creative midfielder in the middle three

Dele Alli – 9

This is the Dele of old tonight he came with a point to prove and did he with himself playing a big part in Moura’s goal but also bagging two assists to Vinicius. If that form keeps on continuing then he can be well within the chance to make his way back into Jose’s team with a class act of the old Dele Alli from tonight.

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Harry Winks – 8

The goal of his career was scored tonight 54 yards out near the halfway line was it a shot or a long pass to Bale no one knows bit him. However, he is starting to become better with him not always being sideways and trying to hit long passes but he played a good game tonight and another one that’s pushing for a start on Sunday

Gareth Bale – 7

Bale looked lively especially in the first half when taking pop shots to test the keeper but after the first half went a little bit quiet. However Bale has now been able to get more minutes under his belt and continue his return.

Lucas Moura – 7

He bagged a goal in the second half and it was a lovely finish placed into the top corner, however he didn’t really make that much of an impact during the game he went missing and was subbed early on in the second half but he still scored

Carlos Vinicius – 9 – Man Of The Match

What a performance from him a well deserved man of the match performance after he scored two goals in the first half and then set up a goal in the second half. He looks like a good back up for Harry Kane with the runs and finishing in the game.

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Pierre-Emile Højbjerg – 6

Once the subs came on the game was over and done with and Pierre came on and kept the game solid by sitting in front of the defence but did pick up a yellow card when it wasn’t needed

Jack Clarke – 7

He is a player that can be very good and started to show a few glimpses when he gains that experience and start to make a push through that’s when we will see him at his best

Whiteman – N/A

He came on in the 80th minute but had nothing to do

Harvey White – N/A

He took a shot on the edge of the box but didn’t have enough time to make an impact but another one for the future

Dane Scarlett – N/A

Another youngster that could cause ripples in the Tottenham academy after a solid performance when coming on with runs in behind but there wasn’t enough time to make a bigger impact in the game

Ludogorets Player Ratings:

Plamen Iliev – 3

He was probably Ludogorets best player and should get a higher rating. However he let Harry Winks score from 56 yards out and what looked to have been an easy save which has brought it down but apart from that goal he couldn’t be at fault for any of the other goals

Anicet Abel – 3

A poor display in the whole of the defence and he was getting run riot by Bale in the first half and was then subbed on the 68th minute but he didn’t prove a point and was getting beaten too easily

Dragos Grigore – 2

You could definitely tell that he was uncomfortable at the back from the first minute with panic passing and launching the ball long when Tottenham pressed and he was part of a defence that let 4 goals in as well

Cosmin Moti – 3

Out of all the back line he stood out the most and was the only player that provided the most resistance throughout the game but was still a game that shipped 4 goals and he was getting dominated by Carlos Vinicius on the ball

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Stéphane Badji – 2

The Senegalese centre back did not have a good evening at the back after he was all over the place. He was at fault for the first goal after a missed interception allowed Carlos Vinicius through on goal of which he finished off with ease

Anton Nedyalkov – 3

I didn’t know where he ended up playing because Ludogorets where trying to be a solid defensive shape but he didn’t provide that outlet to burst down the line and he didn’t help out defensively with Doherty over running him down the left

Jordan Ikoko – 3

He was the same as Nedyalkov as he was on the right and he was needed as an outlet and considering Davies was not going forward as much he could have been an outlet after the constant pressure from Tottenham. However he was at fault for Moura’s goal after he let him go at the back post where he had time to control the ball and put it into the top corner

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 Olivier Verdon – 2

He was part of the back three which was a shambles and you could clearly see that he was struggling with Tottenham pressing him and he couldn’t keep up with Tottenham’s play and it didn’t end well after conceding four

 Kiril Despodov – 2

Bulgarian’s player of the year last year but it did not look like that tonight after a horrendous performance he couldn’t hold the ball up to bring the team forward and it kept the spurs defence at ease as they could easily make tackles to win the ball back. While also gaining a yellow card with a leading arm on a header

Dominik Yankov – 3

Another player that didn’t find anything out there tonight as he couldn’t really bring his team forward and it cost him and he didn’t have any attacking prowess in the final third of which troubled Joe Hart

Claudiu Keșerü – 2

He capped off the blunt attack when having one shot a shot that can maybe challenge Hart but he dragged the ball wide and it summed up his night of being poor. While also gaining a yellow card early on when he put his arm in the way of a free kick instead of going with his head

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Bernard Tekpetey – 3

He came on in the 64th minute but didn’t offer anything in the attack and it was a struggle for him in the game but nonetheless made no impact at all from the bench

Cauly Oliveira Souza – 3

The only impact was the sub he did not influence the game one bit he comes on and the ball is easily going through the midfield for Spurs and they are able to change defence in attack very quickly

 Mavis Tchibota – 3

The left winger replaced Keșerü in the 68th minute but he was clearly struggling up top and he had not partner up there with him that didn’t help Ludogorets out at all.

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Dimitar Mitkov – N/A

He couldn’t get a rating he was subbed on in the 90th minute the Bulgarian had no chance to make an impact

Ivan Yordanov- N/A

It was the same for Mitkov’s counter part after coming on in the 90th minute and not having any time to make an impact

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