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With the pandemic bringing concerning data showing how badly it affects those with diabetes and those who are obese, the latest data released by the NHS brings some slight positivity at this time of uncertainty.

Being released today, the data shows a 3% decrease in the number of hospital admissions related to obesity this year in comparison to last year. This could possibly be a factor in why the number of COVID cases has drastically dropped in the last few months.

It was revealed at the start of the year that having diabetes makes you three times more susceptible to contracting COVID and most of these cases are counted as being serious cases in hospital.

However, there were still some worrying areas within this data. 75% of these cases were women and 69% of these cases were in the age group 35-64.

Despite this decrease in hospital admissions in obesity related cases, most of the general public do not account COVID as a main factor for losing weight despite public health England’s warnings.

Speaking with a group of female amateur netball players, Kirsty Knight said; “If you’re outside playing netball which is a contact sport, I think you’re more likely to get it so it depends on what exercise it is”.

Adding to this, Lisa Morton said “Exercise is always good, it’s good to get out in the fresh air and you feel better for it”.

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