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The presence of women in history has been at the centre of numerous discussions of how accurately it has been reported and narrated through time, and how much people have been deceived into thinking their representation has never been of value for people to talk about it.

In particular, many seem to forget how strong a presence and impact women had in the music industry, especially in the jazz one. 

When thinking of this genre and its most influential figures, people seem to mention names such as Frank Sinatra, and Chet Baker, forgetting how many women were present and important.

Rebecca Askew, a jazz performer and theatre director, is one of the many women who paved her way in the jazz industry and together we were able to discuss how important it is for the representation of women in the industry to be recognised, not only on a musical level but on a human one. 

As time passed, their names and stories got lost as the narrative got picked up and changed by a strong imposing presence, a patriarchal one. 

As Askew said: “We live in a patriarchy and they are in control and they do not realise how much of an advantage they have because they have never not had it.”

Wondering how many times history has and is going to wrong us and celebrating the figures of those who were fighting for their voice, whether through a song or speech to be heard and understood. 

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