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The plight of Brighton taxi drivers due to traffic control issues

The traffic control system in Brighton and Hove is getting worse. Taxi drivers have to deal with both inflation and traffic issues. They are facing the financial strain of rising fuel prices. 

The traffic on Western Road is currently diverted due to ongoing road improvements. Because of this, it has become a one-way street, which is made worse by the closure of the majority of Upper North Street. According to The Argus, the roadwork will take 18 months to complete, which includes overnight work. This is one of the major troubles that is faced by taxi drivers.

David, taxi driver in Brighton & Hove

David, 70, who has been a taxi driver for 14 years, says that because of the ongoing work, they have to go all the way up over to the Seven Dials and down to the seafront where there is a lot of traffic. 

In addition, he mentions that it is sometimes very difficult to go up North Street due to the buses stopping. There is barely enough space for taxis to drive by.

Meanwhile, passengers have complained that they have to wait for the taxi for a while. But this is due to inadequate traffic control, and nothing has been done to solve the situation. Customers are not satisfied with the service.

Even though the price of fuel has increased, there is no way to increase taxi fares given that the council sets the rates. David says, “It is standard practice yes. Not very happy with the situation” 

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