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The rising numbers of women in combat sports like boxing has led the way to a new generation of female athletes coming through not just in Brighton but all over the world.

I visited ‘Moulsecoomb Boxing Club’ and spoke to coach, Hayley Weller, about the importance of female representation in such a male dominated environment. She believes that boxing is an “intimidating environment to get involved in” for young women in particular going on to say that “equality is incredibly important.”

Weller went on to stress how much she would “love to see more women get involved in boxing.” describing athletes such as Katie Taylor and Nicola Adams as “inspirations” to the next generation.

Speaking to some of the up-and-coming female boxers in the gym, Mary, and Regan, both were quick to point out Taylor as an inspiration saying simply “Definetly Katie Taylor.” Regan in particular saying watching her in particular was one of the reasons she got into boxing in the first place.

Neither of the girls have had bouts yet but assured me they will be following in their heroes’ footsteps in September. Having seen them training they are definetly two names to look out for. The future of female boxing is certainly in safe hands.

The importance of women in combat sports in recent years has been clear. Inspirational athletes such as Katie Taylor are leading the way and proving that women can be just as good if not better than the men in the same sport.

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